Decided to make a new story. But not to worry, i'll still continue The school's Bad Boy :D

Chapter 1

Behind The Living Flames

That's all I thought as the teacher drone on and on about the lecture of how important geometry is to the world.
I love my teacher, she's fun yet strict at the same time. You could never replace an awesome teacher like her. I would never admit it but I love the corny jokes she made in class.
"GEE-IM-A-TREE" she said laughing as she stood by the smart board. She was obsessed with that Smart Board. Ever since she had been told she would get one she couldn't stop talking about it.
The Board was pretty cool but I would never want to go up there in front of the class to write on it since I was nervous of an audience.
The class laughed at her corny joke but not a fake laugh. We all loved her because she was the best teacher in this forbidden place called a school.
"Ms. Curtis, can I go to the bathroom!" Megan called out. She was one of the popular girls in this school, but not the 'I'm better than you' popular type. She was the one that was nice to everyone even the geeky nerdy people like myself.
Ms. Curtis nodded her head and waved her over to where she was to sign the Hall Pass for her.
"The Living Flames are coming to town!" My friend Rachel whispered yell with a dreamy face on.
"And I care why?"
I hated that band more than I hated preppy kids. And trust me that was A LOT.
I especially hated the lead singer of that stupid rock band. He thought he was the greatest thing that ever happened, sleeping with a lot of girls, breaking the rules, acting up.
"You have to come see the show with us, Stella!" Samantha said excitedly as she looked at a picture of the band posing in front of fake flames.
I hope they burn in flames.
"No, thanks," I replied with a yawn as the teacher started explaining x=y function.
"Hey, people, my mom said I can't go," Delilah interrupted looking disappointed.
Why wouldn't she be? She was head over heels in love with that band.
"What?! Why?! It's their last show here in Dallas!" Camilla exclaimed.
This are my four best friend, who I love so dearly except when they start to talk about the stupid band.
I personally know the band and let me tell you they are NOTHING like what they seem.
Okay, okay I don't exactly know the band , but I sure as hell know the lead singer, Dean.
Well, no. Not exactly, but with everything that was said about him, I could practically tell you who he was. Not what he pretended to be, but the real him. No one else could tell, considering their in love with him it's no surprise, but if you payed attention you could clearly see what he was up to.
"I know that b!!!tch!" Delilah yelled whisper. If the teacher heard any cussing she would totally loose it! Delilah wouldn't actually call her mom a b!!!!tch it was an inside joke, we all knew her mom was pretty cool, strict but cool.
My friend laughed, but then Samantha sighed, "Come on, Stella! You have to go!" she tried convincing me for the millionth time.
In no way was I going to spend money to see some guys I hated. They were the worst excuse for a rock band!
"No, no, and no!" I answered.
"I'll hand out your homework as you leave!" Ms. Curtis yelled as she stood by the door and everyone else started shuffling.
I immediately grabbed my backpack from the floor and made a rapid dash to the door not wanting to hear anymore talk about the Living Flames concert that everyone was obsessed with.
I was practically the only person that hated that band in my school, other than the occasional guys who hated them because they were talked non stop by girls.
"Stella!" Delilah called out. I stopped to let her catch up to me.
"Sup," I said.
She looked at me with those puppy large brown eyes and I knew what was coming next, "Can you go to the concert for me and take pictures of the Hot Dean," she begged.
I looked at her as if she had suddenly grown three heads, as she shifted from side to side, her bangs landing on her glasses frame.
"Please, I'll do anything!"
"Anything...?" I asked thinking maybe I can convince her to do my Spring Packet for school.
We had packets due at the end of spring break, charming our school is isn't it?

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