whats it matter to you - a draco malfoy love story

Chapter 1

The silver necklace

"wake up u lazy sack of dragon dung" lucie shouted as she jumped on top of me.
"get off lucie" i said sounding a little muffled as i did have my face in my pillow
"its sunday no lessons u crazy girl" shoving her off my bed. i had a quick look at the time "8:30!! have you gone mad...."then i remembered
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY!" called lucie. sitting up straight in my bed i saw a small pile of presents at the foot of my bed.
"here catch" lucie threw a package at me. i only just caught it.
"ok no need to go crazy" i said laughing and tore open the package.
"OH LUCIE. How did you know!" it was a small blue bottle with a beautiful dove stopper. it was the tranquil sea the most wonderful perfume EVER.
"thank you soo soo much" i said giving lucie a big hug.
"come on open the rest i dieing to know what you got!"
there was a lovely head band from ginny, a blue dress from lavender, a adorable wrighting set from hermione and from the patil twins, a beautiful gold broach.
"oh your all so kind" i said hugging each person in turn.
"Hey look theres still one more gift" said ginny handing me a small parcel.
"oh who this from then?" i asked. Nobody spoke then lavender said
"its not from any of us"
"oh" i said slightly disappointed. i like having the person who gives me a gift to be there when i open it.
"just open it anyway" said parvati.
so slowly i pealed back the paper to revile a small black box.
"open it" whispered hermione
so i did and there in the box was a most beautiful necklace. it was a single chain with a locket on the end and engraved on the locket was a curved letter C.
"wow" all the girls sighed
i opened up the locket and out fell a piece of parchment. instinctively without really knowing what i was doing i unrolled the parchment and read aloud.
"dearest Cathy wishing you a happy birthday love
"who's D? asked parvati.
"no idea" i replied.
"ooh do put it on" squealed lavender
"oh give me a hand lucie" i said trying to contain my excitement. but failing.
when we got the necklace on everyone stood there marvelling at it for a moment. It was Ginny who broke the silence.
"Im hungry lets all go and get breakfast"
"Yeah good idea Ginny" and we all quickly got dressed without another word.

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