Overboard (Justin Bieber love story)

I've been working on this for awhile, so pretty PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE ! much love and apperciaation. I don't mean to steal ideas, and if I did I apologize.
Thanks :)

info :

Name : Aubrey Grace Reckswell
Age: 15 years old
Traits : a fun, sporty creative brown hair with golden-highlights with big brown eyes and a tan. loves water slides and a challenge. also, blue is her fav color. Shes Cuban, but doesnt look it. Also very optmistic, and caring, understanding, and enjoyable

Enjoy !

Chapter 1

Water Slides and Fried Dough

by: CityStyle

I screamed at the top of my lungs, going down the Dragon's Den at Water Country. The freezing water splashing all over my brown hair and purple bikini. I sway side to side in the red and yellow tunnel clutching the one person tube. Suddenly, I plummeted down, losing my breath. I reversed to become backwards and come out the exit with a starring crowd. I take a second to clear my vision, catch my breath, and pull up my almost falling bikini.

"That was amazing!"I yelled to the people waiting in line,
"just be careful of your bikini!"

I found my friends that went before me and walked with them back to our spot. Our spot every year we come here has always been near the triple water slides : the pink, green and yellow slides. But they were for wossies so we never went on them.

"So, how did you guys like the ride?"
I asked my friends, beaming my big brown eyes.

"OMG Aubrey! It was SO much fun! I loved it .... though the people that work here keep looking at me .. "my friend Sarah said.

"You're so full of it," I replied.

I know she's gorgeous with her golden curls and surprisingy green eyes, You would think that she has blue eyes,right? Nope. She has basically no fat what-so-ever on her (which I find sometimes impossible) and sometimes I wonder why she isn't a supermodel yet. She rolled her eyes at me, and then winks at a random guy we pass.

"Contain yourself, Sarah! I don't want to be getting stalked," I commented jokingly. My friends chuckled.

"My bikini almost fell off when we were getting off the tube," Brianna said, looking down at her lavender bikini, making sure it was still on.

I laughed, "Mine too".

As we arrived at our spot, my tummy growled fiercly.

"Awe. My tumm is mad," I whined.

"Go get some fried dough then, Haylee. I hear it's TO DIE FOR!" Bri (Brianna, just shortened it) said.

"Ok!" I chimed, grabbing my $1O. I skipped happily to the stand. Wow, thats a lot of people, I thought. But I waited in line anyways.

I looked around, wondering where to go next for a ride, until I heard the cashier say, "Miss, it's your turn!"

"Oh, sorry," I said.

"What would you like?"

"One plate of fried dough, please". He smiled, and grabbed the folded treat on the stand.
"$5.OO". I handed him my 1O.

"Thank you," I said, and then walked away.

"Excuse me! Girl in the purple bikini!"

I heard somene shout. I turned around to see the hottest guy I've ever seen running towards me. He had perfect brown hair, light brown eyes and a sexy six pack. He had a tiny-bit less of a tan than I did, and was wearing dark blue trunks. I then warped back to reality.

"Yes?" I asked, when he finally ran up to me, only a few feet away.

"You forgot your change from the fried dough stand," he said sweetly, smiling.

He took out his had that was holding, of course, my $5.OO.

"Oh wow. Thanks," I said nicely. "I totally forgot."

He chuckled, then handed me my change. I put it under my plate so my hand would be carrying it. I looked up and smiled.

"I'm Justin," he said.

"I'm Aubrey." I few moments passed.

"Nice buddies?" I said laughing and pointing at to of his friends that were having an intense elbo-chicken war.

Justin turned to look, and laughed. His laugh was SOO daamn cute. He faced me.

"C'mon, I'll introduce you,"

he said as he gently took my spare hand, and we locked fingers. I looked down at my soft-pink painted toes and blushed.

"I don't want to lose you in this mob of people," Justin explained.

He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, feeling my cheeks getting hotter little by little. We walked towards his friends.

"Hey guys. I want you to meet Aubrey."

His friends looked at me, and I instantly unlocked Justin and I's hands. I waved and said hi.
"Why helllooo Aubreeyy,"one of the boys said to me. I giggled."I'm Ryan."

"I'm Christian," the other boy said.

I shook both their hands and smiled at Justin. He was locking his eyes on mine and smiled to show his flawless teeth. I couldn't help but smile ear to ear back, looking into his eyes.

"So, what do you two wanna do?" Christian asked slowly.

I looked down and remembered.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I came with my two friends," I responded pointing towards Bri and Sarah.

I looked back to them, and saw Ryan gawking at Sarah.

"Yeah, that's Sarah," I answered Ryan.

I didn't need to know he was dieing to know her already. I laughed, then figured out that Justin hadn't been gawking at Sarah like Ryan, but looked at me. Awwee, Justin is so cute, I thought. I looked at Justin, smiling braodly. After a few seconds I giggled. Suddenly, my phone went off viberating in my hand holding the plate.I placed my fried dough on the table next to us, and read the text. It was from Sarah.

Sarah - Where are you?! Hurry your tush back!
I rolled my eyes at the text, looked at Justin, and saw that his smile fadded away into a frown. I texted back :

Me - Be there soon. Don't worry your pretty little head about my butt. :)
Justin laughed. I jumped.

"What?" I asked.

"That text," he replied, "cute." I laughed and looked into his eyes.

"Why thank you," I said as my cell viberated.

Sarah - But you worry about my head, so I'll worry bout your tush ;). Hurry back, will ya? . I frowned. I knew she was joking, but I guess I've been longer than I thought. My frown still on my face, I felt Justins hand hold my hand. I didn't pull back, and happily held his hand. I blushed.

"Do you really have to go?" he asked.

"I think so." Justin frowned, and held my hand even tighter, not wanting to let go.

"But I don't want you to go."

"Neither do I, but I have to before they call sercurity on me," I said jokingly.

I heard him chuckle.
"Why don't you ask your friends to come with us? We could all go as a group," Ryan announced.

Christian rappidly nodded his head in agreement, and started bursting out laughing. I mean, LAUGHING. Then gave Christian a nudge, and Ryan laughed too. I laughed, and shook my head. Wow, way to go Ryan, I thought. I look up to find Justin starring at me sweetly the whole time. Justin pulled me closer.
"C'mon, let's go get them," he whispered in my ear.

I nodded, and started walking back. "Be right back!"

"Yeah, sure!" Christian yelled to Justin as he walked faster to keep up with me.

He ignored Christian and smiled at me. I kept my head and eyes forward, but felt a small smile growing upon my face. I don't get why he's not falling head-over-heels for Sarah. She's everything I'm not, and she's perfect, I thought. It's too good to be true. I frownd at my thought. Justin stopped walking, so I stopped as well.

"Why'd you stop?"

"I'm sad ... because I saw you sad, too. And that beautiful smile disappeared off your cute face," he said stepping closer to me.

He was now only around one foot away. Probably less. I giggled, and grinned. Then slowly started walking again. He joined me, and smiled.

"There's that pretty smile," Justin said.

Then i got quiet between us. I was starring at the ground for awhile until Justin gentley lifted up my chin.

"Haylee, what's on your mind?"

I glanced at his concerned face. I slowly formed a smile on my face.

"Oh, it's nothing," I answered.

"It can't be nothing. You frowned, that wipped away your pretty smile. I'm sad when your'e sad, Aubrey. When you smile, I smile," sweetly said enough, he then softly placed his gentle hands on my hips.

He pulled me closer, unbelievably smooth. I gazed into his eyes, and smiled ear to ear. It was like we are in or own world. Nothing else mattered, besides Justin and I. I get lost in his gorgeous light brown eyes, and his adorable smile. Let's not forget his enchanting brunette hair of his. I bent my head to look at the ground, then back up to look at smiling Justin.

"Let's go," I whispered into his ear, and taking off.

I walked to go back to my spot with the girls, and Justin caught up to me. He raised his arm like they do to escort people.

"Care for an escort?" Justin asked polietly. I laughed and linked my arm into his.

"So, Aubrey, what's your full name?"

"Aubrey Grace Reckwell."

Justin chuckled. I gave him a look, raising one eyebrow.

"What?" I asked curiosly.

"I find it ironic that a pretty girl like you would have the word RECK in it. I mean, your'e gorgeous ......like Mona Lisa," he said smiling.

I just smilied, and rolled my eyes in my mind. It's not like I haven't heard it before. I hear it all the time, every year when Sarah Bri and I come here. I then blushed.

"Care to skip with me?" I asked happily.

Justin nodded, and we started skipping. Laughin and skipping, with linked arms. This is too good to be true, I thought. But right now I didn't care. Justin was like no other boy I have met before, and one I won't forget. He is just soo dreamy ... caring ... and sweet. Most of the boys back in Florida are mean, and any time they get the chance they will diss a girl. Which is NOT right.

With Justin and I skipping and smiling, I was nervous. I actually WAS a reck. I over react on most things most of the time. Im praying that I don't mess things up with Justin and I's relationship (friendly wise). As we arrived to my spot, we unlinked arms. Halfly out of breath when we got there, Sarah gave me a look ;a what in the world are you doing ; look. So once I saw it I laughed. Justin figured out what was funny and laughed, too. It was when my tummy started cramping that I stopped laughing.

"Brianna, Sarah, this is Justin," I introduced him, since he was still laughing a bit. I'm happy my mother made me take sports. A few seconds later, Justin arose and hugged both Sarah and Bri.

"It's nice to meet you lovely girls," Justin said, then smiled at the both of them.

Bri then immediatley made eye contact with me, her piercing blue eyes filled with concern. Her chocolate brown hair made it even more worry-some. Bri then grabbed her cell and texted fast a lightning. I wondered who she was texting, but found out when my phone went off ........

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