Accidental Love(Draco Love Story)

Name:Summer Rowland
Appearence:very pretty,honey colored hair,sky blue eyes with gold flecks
Attitude:Fun,Sweet,does have a temper,leader,mildly sarcastic
Bffs:Harry,Ron and hermonie,Haley-a ravenclaw like her
Trademark:Royal blue choker with lightning bolt charm
Wand:Rosewood,pheonix feather,10in,carved with feathers
Song:Alice-Avril Lavigne

it's my first draco story so let me know what you think

Chapter 1

Crashing into Love

I ran down the hall glad it was empty as tears blinded me.I should've known Austin was cheating but I didn't want to believe it.I sniffled and wiped the tears from my eyes and kept running.I rounded the corner and crashed into a boy.

"Watch where you're going"he snapped.I stumbled back,reconizing him as Draco Malfoy,aka.School Jerk."Sorry Malfoy,"I snapped back surprising him.Guess not many people yelled at him,espically a normally quiet Ravenclaw.
"Watch your tone you little mudblood,"He said coldly.

I whipped out my wand and let the point rest against his throat,"I'm a pureblood first of all,second I've had a ver,very bad day,thridly I don't take crap from you Draco,"I said calmly and very dangerously and pulled my wand back leaveing him looking dazed and with a grudging respect in his blue eyes...

I snapped out of it,how could i be noticing these things,like his tousled blonde hair and the cute way it fell into his eyes.Get it together girl,I ordered myself taking a few steps back to clear my head.Soo did not need to be thinking about this so soon after being hurt by Austin,it was Malfoy! I didn't need to be thinking about him at all.

I looked up noticing he was staring at me,"What?Didn't anyone ever tell you it was rude to stare,"I said,attempting to cover up the way his gaze made my heart beat faster and make my legs feel weak.

He smirked,but I could see the confusion in his normally cold eyes,"As if I would be starring at you,"He said and brushed ruffly past me."Stupid Slytherins,"I muttered and wiped my face again and walked to the common room.I answered the question to get in an walked in.Students were scattered around playing,talking or studying.I found an empty table in the back corner and sat down.My best friend haley joined me after a few minutes.

Her curly black hair framed a pixieish face with pointed ears and cat green eyes."Hey Haley"I said unemotionly.A pair of hands covered my eyes and Austin kissed my cheek and murmered,"Guess Who?"I pulled away and lunged out of my chair my wand aimed at him,"Levicorpis,"I hissed and he was dangling in the air by his ancle.The room was silent and I walked out and headed back down the hallway,smirking when I heard laughter as austin was yelling for me to come back

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