Christofer Luke ;)

To: My Best Friend-- CHRISTOFER LUKE! :D

Chapter 1

NSN Style :)

Here Goes Nothing :)
I Know You Aren't A Liar Liar Or A CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater
But I Know You Always Make Me Happy And Even Though I Can't Say
"Over The Years You've Been A Bestfriend" But I Can Say I'm You're Biggest Fan.
Though Theres Alot To Say, These Big City Dreams Are A Dare4Distance. It Makes
Me Jealous When You Say, "She's Got Style But Behind You're Back She Says You're
Cute Without The E. My Friend Jane Said Smelyalata, But I Told Her Off :) It's Been 30 Days
And Life Has Been AMAZING With You. Just One Question, Did It Hurt? When You Fell From Heaven Above?
I Can't Stand That I Like You, And I Just Laugh At The Thought Of You Liking Me Back.
It's Simple Enough To Say I'm Just A Jane Doe. Let's Not Get Uraltalk, I'm Just Going To Ask:
What Is Love? I Know I Cause Trouble In You're Life, But You're As Adorable As A Ladybug
And All The Guys I've Met Can't Stop But Agree That Loversloveliarslie, And There Apart Of The
Lieing Industry. On The Brightside, You're My BEST FRIEND, And I Love You 5
You're All I Could Ever Ask For :D I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know Will Be Hard To Believe, But It's True.
This Shxt Gets Old And Never Ends. You're A Hummingbird, And This Is Our First Dance Together.
Damn Dog, You're Amazing. So I'd Like To Recite The Break Up Song To The Lonely People
On The Other Side Of The Earth. I Remember When We Dreamed Big, About... Fifteen? And
Now We're Seventeen, And Everyone Only Cares About Making Love. There Stuck On You Like
Stickytape, Only Because They Think You're Cute. They Don't Care If You're All Talk, They
Just Dream Seven Years Ahead. Love Is Our Weapon, So Why Not Use It? It's Sacriligious, Or At Least
In The Past. Now I'll Move To California, Or In This Case, Anywhere Closer To YOU :) I'm Love Sick And
I'm Filling My Tears In My Piggy Bank. I Don't Realize I'm Loosing It. So Here's The Lousy Truth.
I'm Immature, Jumping On My Trampoline. I'm Nothing Close To A Sweet Perfection. I'm Also A Sell Out.
I'm Not Sure What Bohemian Rhapsody Means, And I'm Against Coffee And Ciggarates. I Love Going Solo
And I'm Not Sure About The Duet. All These Growin Pains Aren't Like The Happy Harmony I Wish
They Were. And A Hippotamus Breakup Is The Best, Animals Don't Have Emotions. I Like To Spit
On Sidewalks. If You Go, Leave You're Keys In The Mailbox. I May Steal Them And Go Inside You're House.
I'll Cry At All Those Pictures We Took Together. Or I'll Ship Them Off After I'm Over You To Some New
Guy, Making Sure He's The Richest One I Can Find Since You're A Golddigger. The Passing Time Is Going
Tik Tik TOK On The Clock. See What We Seas? I've Got Sky High Standards, Talk Is Cheap When
It Comes To Most. When
It Comes To Most. And This Is How Much I Love You :)


The Passing Time
Hippotamus Breakup
Growin Pains
Happy Harmony
I Like To Spit
If You Go, Leave You're Keys In The Mailbox
See What We Seas
Sky High Standards
Talk Is Cheap
Here Goes Nothing
Liar Liar
Over The Years
I'm You're Biggest Fan
Though Theres
Big City Dreams
She's Got Style
Cute Without The E
My Friend Jane
30 Days
Did It Hurt?
I Can't Stand
I Just Laugh
Simple Enough
Jane Doe
What Is Love
I Love You 5
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
This Shxt Gets Old
First Dance
Damn Dog
Break Up Song
On The Other Side
Making Love
Stuck On You
You're All Talk
Seven Years Ahead
Love Is Our Weapon
The Past
Love Sick
Loosing It
The Lousy Truth
Sweet Perfection
Sell Out
Bohemian Rhapsody
Coffee & Ciggarates
The Duet
Talk Is Cheap
See What We Seas?
Sky High Standards
The Passing Time


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