I'm Dating The Chosen One (Harry Potter Love Story)

This is about a girl named Peridot, which is a kind of gem. She's got long, dark blonde hair and dark hazel eyes. She's really pretty, but people like Malfoy and Zabini (GRRR) don't look at her because she's cursed them before. She's in Gryffindor and she's a half-blood. It's almost summer of 6th year, and Peridot is planning to go home with Harry, her best friend. And by the end of the story, hopefully more than friends...
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Chapter 1

I Thought You Exaggerated...I Guess I Was Wrong

"Harry, I'm sure you're exaggerating." I said teasingly as we walked out of the train. Harry shook his head. "No, sadly I'm not. They're just as horrible as I've said. If Dumbledore hadn't personally told them that you had to come over this summer, they wouldn't have allowed it. But I really appreciate you doing this." As soon as we oh-so-subtly accidentally stumbled through the wall, I could see a fat man with a huge, bushy mustache, a thin woman with a horsey face, and a boy our age roughly the size and weight of a baby killer whale. I smiled sweetly at Harry. He grinned. "Go do what you gotta do." He said. I walked up to the Dursleys. "Hi. I'm Peridot Ima Witch. That's not my full name of course. My full name is Peridot Igoto Hogwarts Ima Freaking Witch. The 2nd." (Prounounced Peridot I go to Hogwarts I'm a freaking witch." I could see that they already hated me. Good. I have a gift of annoying people. "You will not speak of such abnormality in the real world!" the fat man said, a vein popping out of his forehead. I stared at him. "You're kidding, right? If you try to tell me what to do, I don't NEED magic to drive you insane. Don't get on my bad side." Harry laughed. He knew I wasn't kidding. "You'll be sleeping in Harry's room." the thin woman said. I smiled and got in their big car, Harry sitting next to me.
I smiled. "Hi, Hedwig!" I cooed, stroking the beautiful snowy owl. Hedwig, though clearly enjoying the fact I was petting her, was looking curiously at my own tawny owl. "This is Dylan." I said, letting my owl out. I looked at the two owls. I could easily see they were amazed by the other. "Oh, I think they like each other!" I said to Harry, only half joking. He grinned, and I smiled. Okay, I should probably confess something. I have a...tiny crush on Harry. (In reality, she REALLY likes him. A LOT.) Okay, maybe it's more than that. But still. I was pretty glad I got to come with him, even if it meant spending time with a fat man, a nosy woman, and a greedy, fat teenage boy. Even though...if I could do magic outside of school, then Dudley would be a pig by now. I remember thinking, "This is gonna be a good summer." As it turns out, I was wrong. Dead wrong.
CLIFFHANGER. It's not that long, but give me a break. My two little brats that are sadly my biological sisters are being pests. Now one is whining about her life and the other is ruining mine. Ask me questions or give me suggestions. I'll take 'em into account.

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