Meeting JK Rowling

Chapter 1


Carlotta sighed as she stuck a stamp on a envelope. "Bye, Australia" she thought unhappily. She was moving to England soon. Suddenly, her mum called her for dinner.

After dinner, her mum walked into her room. "I know you were so sad about moving, so i'm going to let you meet JK Rowling" "OMG" Carlotta turned crazy for a minute. Dancing with joy. "Time to go to sleep!" Her dad shouted to her. It was 10pm. "ok" she replied, really excited.

Carlotta got her suitcase out and started to pack. Her clothes, toothbrush, her phone and everything else." I'll say bye to Audrey soon"she thought. Audrey was her best friend. They met ever since they were born. "I'll miss you" she thought again.

Then, she remembered. She was going to meet JK Rowling...

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