Confessions of Love, a George Weasley love story part 2

Confessions of Love, a George Weasley love story part 2

part 2 hope u injoy sryy they are short :D part 3 comming later :P next chapter called Purple Hair .... :D

Chapter 1

Platform 9 3/4

"Were are they!" I asked Lee Jordan one of my other friends. "They told me they would be here by now!" "Chill Bri! I'm sure they will be here soon!" Lee told me. "BRI!!!!!!!" I herd someone yelling behind me. "What the?" I turned around and seen Fred and George running over to me and Lee. "Hey whats up? New year new pranks!"I said to them. " You will never guess who we just seen!" George said. "Harry Potter"I said vary sarcastically. "Wow how did you know" Fred said with amusement." Lucky guess,come on lets get on the train" I said walking away. "Wait up!" I herd George yell. We got our stuff on the train and said goodbye to our families and the train was off. The train finally stopped and we got on the carriage without a word. All was silent until I finally spoke up. "Can't wait for Quiddich this year!" "Ya,I hope Ron gets Gryffndor." Fred said. "Ya it would suck if he didn't." I said "It would be quite funny though." George said smiling at me. "How could you say that George! I know just as well as you Ron WlLL get Gryffindor!" I said just as soon we got to the Castle. The Sorting started and when Ron got called I crossed my fingers that he would Gryffndor. Then the hat called "GRYFFNDOR!!!" and when he got to the table i seen him staring at the girl who was getting Sorted. "Who's that?" I asked "Kat Garlend" He said still staring. The Hat had just called "GRYFFINDOR!!!" And i claped along with every one and she sat down next to Ron. " Hi" Ron said to her."Hi Ron. Oh Hi what's your name" She said. "Bri, Bri Carter." I said grinning....


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