Secret Star (Justin Bieber Love Story)

Gabriella wants to be a famous singer. Will she go to any lengths to do it?
Will she get caught out? Or will her secret stay hidden?

Chapter 1

Creating Claire Thompson

For as long as I can remember I was very fond of music. Singing and dancing was always my thing and when the opportunity arose I wouldn't pass it up. So naturally when my mother asked me to enter a competition I wouldn't knock it back.
"Gabriella?" My mother called from downstairs.
"Coming mum!" I said racing down the stairs.
"Gabs there's a contest and it's pretty big so you'll become pretty famous if you win." My mum explained.
"Whats it for?" I asked.
"Touring with Justin Bieber." She said.
"Oh okay." I said. Yeah I liked him but I didn't get the whole big deal over him.
"Try outs are tomorrow." She said.
"Oh okay I have to decide what go wear." I said to her about to walk away.
"Actually Gaby it's much more than that." She said.
"What?" I asked.
"Well see this is massive if you win you won't have a normal life. I want you to create a persona. Someone who you've wanted to be. Instead of Gabriella Murdoch you could be anyone! So come on let's go shopping!" She said. I went and got my phone and followed mum to the car. My mum was extremely laid back. My parents divorced when I was nine it's always just been me and mum and dad has his own family now. A wife a daughter, I always felt as if I was replaced.
"Come on were here." Mum said as she pulled into a parking space. We got out and went Into the beauty shop first. I pictured what I wanted to look like. I had blonde straight hair and green eyes, my skin was kind of pale, I hardly wore makeup and I wasn't into te whole fashion scene.
I started browsing through the wigs trying some on. I feel in love with a black wig. It came just below my shoulders and fell in ringlets. I picked it up and carried it to my mum. I seen her picking make up out and it was pretty cool I admit.
"You need contacts too." She said.
"Okay." I said walking towards the display case. I picked out an icy blue colour.
My mum paid for the items and we went to a clothing shop next. Normally I just wore jeans or shorts and a top. My mum wanted me to go for a completely new look. I picked out lots of girly clothes. I have to admit they were awesome. Next we went to the shoe shop. I picked out some flats and high heels and some supras.
"Lets go." My mum saud as we left for home. I changed into what I was going to wear for the audition.
I put on a cap to hold the wig in place, put the wig on and the contacts in. I changed into neon pink tights a black skirt a neon pink ainglet and a white leather jacket. I put on some black strappy heels and put on some braets and necklaces. I looked different. Mum practised my makeup and I looked way different noone could have noticed me.
"Now honey I hope you don't mind but I made a persona too." She said.
"Thats okay mum." I smiled. She walked off to go change. She walked back out and she looked good.
Instead of her normally wavy red hair she had dead straight blonde hair and instead of blue piercing eyes she had brown eyes. She normally wore caual clothes as I got my fashion sense from her but instead she was wearing black stockings a pink flowy dress and white flats. We loomed different we had to think of names now.
Gabriella Murdoch. Louisa Murdouch.
I changed mine to Claire Thomspon and my mother would now go by Jenifer Thompson. I decided I wanted to sing Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. I knew that song well and was apparently good at it. I hit every note right.
That night I slept restlessly awaiting the trials. I got up at 6:30 and changed into my Claire clothes whilst mum changed into Jenifer. We had to drive 4 hours and it started at 2. We got into the car and drove to Durringham where the Contest was being held.
Once we arrived we signed in and looked at all the other hopeful girls. I was number 37. The time flew by quickly. Soon they were calling 36.
"Claire Thompson you have to get ready." The coordinator called.
As the girls song finished I waited for her to walk off and walked slowly on. I waited for the music to start.

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