funny stuff to do at the mall

Stuff to do in the mall xP

Chapter 1


1. Take coins from the wishing fountain and use it to ride the cars and horses. (Make sure to cut the line when little kids are waiting x])
2. Go in a store and put on their pants backwards and ask the salesperson if they make ur butt look big
3. Go down the escelator and shout, "AHHH MY SHOELACES AGAIN!"
4. Go to the pet store and teach a parrot to swear
5. Stomp on unopened ketchup packets in stores and save some for "lunch" claiming they are astronaut food
6. Test matresses in your pjs
7. Go up the down escelators when people are on them
8. In the changing rooms shout, " i see london i see france..."
9. Sneeze on food samples from the chinese restaurant in the food court when the dude isnt looking.
10. Say hi to everyone you walk by.
11. Hand a stack of pants to the changing room attendant and say, " these arent leekproof"
12. Answer unattended phone calls in stores and say, hello, dominoes. May i help you?"
13. Put boxes of condoms in peoples shopping carts when they arent looking especially when they are with their family.
14. Go to the fitting rooms and shout," theres no more toilet paper in here!"
15. Put kick me signs on mall cops
16. Play with action figures in the boxes and shout, " boom, pow, thwak, ect."
17. In the bathroom poke the persons shoe thats under the divider next to you and say, " tag ur it!!!!"
18. Look into the security cameras and use it as a mirror to pick your nose
19. Tell a random -insert opposite gender here- that you'd loooove to see them nak3d
20. In the bathroom stall put peanut butter on a wad of toilet paper and toss it to the neighboring stall and say," Woops! Could you kick that back over here?"
21. Ride the little kid rides and purposely fall off (dont hurt yourself!!) And scream," MOOOOMYYYY!!!!!"
22. Scream," I HAVE AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! (then fart really loud when its quiet) OKAY THAT IS ALL! !!
(: i will admit i didnt come up with these! So dont post mean comments and all that crapp.


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