My Big Time Episode :D

My Big Time Episode :D

heyy so if you have a twitter, and your following @BigTimeFansite then you prbly heard about that contest she had. and i won!! so im posting it here :DD

Chapter 1

Big Time Rushettes

(The guys are at Roque Records signing photos and albums for a charity cause. Kendall looks grateful as he signs 3 photos of himself. Logan looks the same. James starts to look bored, and Carlos is trying to keep himself awake.)

Kendall: (excited) Can you believe this?
James: (slouches on sofa) That we've been signing these things for over four hours and our hands haven't fallen off?
Carlos: (sleepily) That we have it better than most people?
Kendall: Giving back! Doesn't this feel good? I mean, we're living the dream!
(Gustavo enters the room)
Gustavo: DOGS! I got another thing for you to do!
James: Does it involve hands? Because mine don't work anymore!
Gustavo: Quiet you! I got you boys signed up for the My Little Sister volunteer program!
Logan: I've never heard of that.
Gustavo: Right! Because you are not volunteers!
Kendall: So why did you sign us up for that? And I already have a baby sister!
Gustavo: If you dogs show to the public that you individually enjoy babysitting your own little brat for a month, more people buy your album, which gets you to a number 1 album, which will then lead you to a world tour!

(The guys starting rumbling amongst themselves in excitement)

Gustavo: QUIEEEETTTT!!! (Pause.) But there is one little thing. You cannot tell anyone you were signed up for this! Tell the press that you chose to take time out of your busy schedules to help out four underprivilaged little girls.
Kendall: I think we can handle it. Right guys?
Logan: Yeah, I mean their just four, nice, four year old, little girls. How hard can it be?

(Next scene. The guys are at the Palm Woods, standing in front of four, 14 year old girls. One girl [Kendra] is dressed in a flannel shirt with a plain white t-shirt under and shorts. She has a bag full of sporting goods. She is similar to Kendall. The next girl [Jamie] is dressed in a leather mini-jacket and is wearing a glittery shirt under it and a skirt. She has a pink comb sticking out of her purse. She gives off the impression that she is similar to James by personality. The next girl [Carla] is dressed in purple and white, bleached ripped jeans and a pink loose t-shirt. She has a bag with a helmet in it. She is similar to Carlos. The last girl [Lola] is wearing a classy plaid shirt with a vest over it and clean black skinny jeans. She is wearing glasses and carrying several books in a bag. She has the impression that she is similar to Logan.)
James: (quietly to Kendall) Little girls?!

(Opening title.... you know how that goes.)

Kendall: (trying to get past the awkward moment) So... do you girls happen to have... four year old sisters by any chance?
James: Or any hot older sisters?
(Kendall elbows him)
Kendra: Nope. We're the "little girls" you're supposed to "babysit" for a month.
Lola: Yeah. They just say we're little girls to make the program sound more cute and adorable. When really, it's girls from ages four to fourteen.
Kendra: We're more sophisticated than you think.
Carla: Yeah we are! (Let's out a huge burp)
Jamie: Well, Kendra, Lola and I are. But Carla...
Carla: (threatening) What? I'm what?
Kendra: Anyway!!... I'm Kendra. And this is Jamie, Carla and Lola. We're from Palm Springs.
Kendall: And I'm Kendall, and this is James, Carlos and Logan. We're from Minnesota.
James: (bragging) We're in a band. Big Time Rush.
Girls: (at the same time) Never heard of it.
(James looks shocked, then brushes it off)
Logan: So who's going with who?
(All four girls take out little notecards at the same time.)
Jamie: (to herself) Please let it be the cute one... Please let it be the cute one...
Lola: Why is it that you always end up with the cute guy?
Jamie: I was born with it. (Smiles then looks at card) Which one is Kendall Knight?
(Kendall raises his hand, slightly displeased.)
Jamie: (down tone) Oh... well... close enough! Help me carry my bags?
Kendall: Sure...
(Jamie tosses three luggage bags into Kendall's arms.)
Jamie: There's more in the cab outside. Thank you.
Kendall: (to the guys) Of course, I get the conceited one!
(They leave)
Kendra: I've got Carlos Garcia.
Carlos: That's me! Here let me help you!
Kendra: It's okay, I got it. I didn't bring much. Just everything I needed.
(They leave)
Carla: Logan Mitchell?
Logan: Yeah! So what do you want to do?
Carla: Got video games with guns and violence?
Logan: No... do you have any school assignments to work on? I was told that you were.
Carla: There's a lot of school stuff I gotta do. But I have a lot of time!
(They leave, slowly going into a bicker)
Lola: I guess it's just you and me. James, right?
James: (Pause.) You know I find it shocking that you have never heard of me or my music. Are you even underprivilaged?
Lola: I spend a lot of time reading. Not searching four pretty boys in a cliche boy band. And... that's another thing they tell you about the program. They say we're underprivilaged to get more money. (Pause.) I just hate that. People lie to get more publicity for themselves! It's... just... SICK! (redeems herself) Anyway, I have a lot of schoolwork to do. Help me with my science project?
James: (distracted by a pretty girl) In a minute. First, I gotta get that girl's number.
(He leaves Lola by herself.)
Lola: I get the cute one... but he's an idiot. Of course.

(Later in the episode. Kendall is at Roque Records with Jamie. Gustavo and Kelly are spying on them. They overhear their conversation.)
Jamie: Wow! I can't believe I'm at the real Roque Records!
Kendall: So you've heard of this place, but you haven't heard of Big Time Rush? Produced by Gustavo Roque?
Jamie: (thinks about it) Nope! (Pause. She takes out a hand mirror.) So what are we gonna do for a month?
Kendall: Uhh... I think I'm supposed to help you with school stuff or something..... (He makes eye contact with Gustavo and Kelly. They signal him to sound more generous)... because... I'm your volunteer older brother! I'm... offering to help you!
Jamie: Ohh... okay...
Kendall: (Pause.) Is there anything you do besides look in a mirror?
(Jamie gets out a pink comb and starts combing her bangs. Kendall just stares at her in thought.)
Kendall: You remind me of someone. I just can't put my finger on it.

(Scene goes to James and Lola. They are in apartment 2J. James is admiring his reflection while Lola just stares at him annoyingly.)
Lola: So... what are we gonna do?
James: Don't you have school work or something?
Lola: Yeah. A science project. I really need someone to test out a few things for me.
James: Uhh.. I think Katie is here...
Lola: I mean you! You're supposed to help me.
James: (leaves mirror reluctantly) Fine. What's your project?
Lola: Well, I'm testing different types of mascaras. To show which one is the least runny when wet. So, I need you to wear three types of mascara.
James: What?!
Lola: Don't worry! No one's gonna see! Now... (gives him a mascara tube.)

(Scene goes to Carla and Logan. They are standing on top of the Palm Woods building. They are wearing helmets and pads and are holding onto two sepreate ropes.)
Logan: (worried) We really shouldn't be doing this!
Carla: I do it all the time in Palm Springs! Trust me. It's safe! We just swing off these ropes, and we'll land in the pool. Now, are you ready?
Logan: O-Okay. Just hold on one minute! (He gets out a protracter, a calculator and a ruler. He solves an equation and looks up to find that Carla swung off the building.) AH! Oh no! (He leaves off the building throught the air shaft and makes it down to the pool.)
Logan: Carla?
(She stumbles out of the lobby, extremely dizzy. She laughs hysterically and then stumbles into the pool.)
Logan: Okay, I think we're past dangerous stunts...

(Next scene. Carlos and Kendra are at Palm Woods Park. They're sitting at a table.)
Carlos: So you really played hockey in Palm Springs?
Kendra: Still am! Me, Jamie, Carla and Lola, are the best hockey players on our team!
Carlos: Well... you probably are because it's an all girls team. (Pause.) It is an all girls team right?
Kendra: Well, we were originally, but then we tried out for the guys team, and we made it!
Carlos: I bet you won't stand a chance against me.
Kendra: You're on. Right now!
(Montage of them playing rough hockey. The first time, Carlos tackles Kendra over a bush. Then, Kendra slams Carlos into a tree. It ends with Kendra winning.)
Carlos: (tired, out of breath, full of scratches) I bet you won't stand a chance against me and my team!
Kendra: (calmly, not a scratch on her) Bet? (holds out her hand)
Carlos: (shakes her hand) You're on!
(They stare each other down)

(Later in the episode, everyone is at the pool at the Palm Woods. James is wearing dark sunglasses to hide the mascara he's wearing. Kendall and Kendra already found out they have a lot in common, so they're brother and sister. Jamie is combing her hair. Everyone is staring up at Carlos and Carla, who are on top of the building where Logan and Carla were at the beginning.)
Lola: (worried) Should they be doing that?
Logan: I tried to to tell Carla it was dangerous.
Lola: James! Take off the sunglasses! The mascara has to stay sun-bathed!
Kendall: What is her science project on anyway?
Kendra: Testing mascaras. She's only going for a C plus.
(James takes off his sunglasses. He is wearing a thick coat of mascara. Everyone in the background starts laughing at him. They get distracted by Carlos and Carla cheering as they prepare to swing off the building.)
Lola: (looks up) Uh-oh.
Kendra: What are we looking at here, Lola?
(Lola gets out a calculator, a protractor and a ruler. She does a math equation in her head and then drops everything)
Lola: Extreme dizzyness, disorientation, a concussion and about a day or two in the hospital. And since the angle is way off on the ropes and the pool, they are just going to skid across the pool and-
(Carlos and Carla swing from the building, skid across the pool, making a big splash big enough to land on everyone at the pool and crash into the lobby. Then, they stumble out and fall into the pool.)
Lola: (soaking wet)Yeah... that.
Logan: (also wet, impressed) How did you figure that out?
Lola: I'm taking calculus. I love math!
Logan: Me too!
(James and Jamie stand up, screaming in pain. They are both soaking wet and their mascara is running and getting into their eyes.)
Both: Oww!!! Eyes!!
Lola: (casual) Hold on... (she takes out eye liquid and drops it into their eyes.) Better?
(They nod)
Logan: How did you know to do that?
Lola: Studying for medical school. I really want ot be a doctor. But I'm still learning.
Logan: Really? I want to be a doctor to! I could show you everything I know!
(They leave into the lobby)
Kendall: Well, looks like everyone found who they're supposed to be with. Everyone's happy.
Jamie: (angry) No! I'm not! Look at me! I'm not pretty!
James: (also angry) Neither am I!
Kendra: Well, Jamie, I guess it's time to embrace the natural look.
Kendall: And James, you should lay off the mascara.
(They fist pound each other)

The episode ends first with the hockey match between the girls and the guys. The girls win. Then, they say their goodbyes later at Roque Records.
Gustavo: Boys, I have something to tell you.
Kendra: Wait! We got this! The truth is, we knew you were put to this by force.
Jamie: But while we were keeping that from you guys, we realized that you were really acting like big brothers to us.
Carla: Yeah.. I mean before we were all mismatched, but then when we found our matches, it was like we were really related.
Lola: And we all learned something from each other. I mean, because of James, I learned that there will be things in life that I just have to put up with.
Kendra: For me, I learned that guys are sometimes weaker than girls. (smirks at Carlos)
Jamie: I learned that life isn't all about being absorbed into looks and mirrors.
Carla: And I learned that life is short, and i sometimes I shouldn't risk my life all the time.
Gustavo: So we learned a lt from each other now! So... since the beginning of the month, your album has gone up to number one, which means...
Boys: World tour!!!!!
(everyone cheers in excitement. They all say goodbye and the episode ends.)


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