How To Save A Life (A love story, NOT a fan-fic)

How To Save A Life (A love story, NOT a fan-fic)

I got the idea for this story by listening to the song How To Save A Life by The Fray, and I hope you all like it, since it's my first love story that's not a fan fic or anything. He, I'm rambling. Well, read for gosh sakes! XD (Oh, chapter names will just be songs I'm listening to on my Ipod that probably do not relate to the chapter at all!)

Chapter 1

September (Daughtry)

I was standing at my locker, getting my binder ready for another Tuesday of plain old freshman year as people rushed behind me and talked way too loudly. Then my best friend Allie snuck up on me and tapped me on the shoulder.
"Hey, Rose! Have you seen the new kid yet?" asked Ellie.
I shook my head, my long, wavy, golden blonde hair flying out behind and in front of me, and shut my locker door after grabbing the book we were assigned to read for lit., "Nope. His name's Sam, or Harlen, right?" I asked, not remembering the name that had been going around the school the past week.
Allie laughed, her shoulder length curly brown hair bouncing, "No! It's Darren! Get it right, Blondie!"
I blew my left-side parted bangs away from my glasses, which I was forced to have, according to my Dad, unless I wanted to buy contacts with my own money (which I didn't).
"You know I'm not dumb blond, Al. I get better grades then you." I said, leaning back against my locker in my zebra print tennis shoes, blue jeans, and plain white T.
She pssshed, "Whatever. The bell's gonna ring soon, and I have science with Mr. Bolsch on the 2nd floor, so I better get going. Hopefully one of us will get him, and I looked him up on Facebook. He's a cutie!" she winked and laughed, and skipped down the hall towards her class.
It stinks I don't have any classes with her this year, I thought to myself as I walked.
I walked to the end of the hall to my first hour class, literature with Mrs. Enderson, who's classroom was right next to my favorite place in the school. The library. Yeah, I'm a bookworm. You might even call me a nerd. I don't care. I get good grades, have glasses, listen to country music, don't talk much except with my friends, and have never had a real boyfriend.
But I don't care about being popular or a jock, even though the popular people are the jocks, and half of the popular guys are rednecks. Hey, when you live in a small town area (surrounded by wooded country filled with deer, rabbits, phesants, and wild turkey) with a small school district, and have a class of only 62 (now 63) kids, what do you expect?
I got into class before most everyone else, and took a seat in the second row behind one of my guy friends Kile.
I took my seat and pulled out the current book I was reading, Awakened from the House of Night series, and flipped open to where my bookmark was and began to read.
After a few minutes I heard the last bell ring, and everyone came into class, but I didn't close my book since Mrs. Enderson is usually a few minutes late anyways.
I flipped the page, and heard the door slam for a final time, and looked up. Mrs. Enderson was standing at the front of the room next to a boy with jet black hair, obviously dyed, clear blue eyes, and black clothes.
Hmm, an emo. Or maybe a punk. Probably will end up with the druggies, I thought, looking back at Marco (one of the druggies) who had his earbud stringed hoody on and was ignoring everyone.
"Everyone, listen up. This is Darren. Let's all give him a warm welcome!" she said in her obvious fake voice, she didn't want to be here just as much as us.
Darren's eyes scanned the room, and when they landed on me, our eyes met for a brief second, then I broke it and looked back down at the cover of my book.
"You're all too kind, I feel sooo welcomed." he said, his voice cocky and clear, and all the populars, heck, everyone, laughed but me.
So, he's one of those, huh. Looks emo and quiet but is really a loud mouth. Thinks he's all that. Reminds me of Justin Bieber, except with blacker hair and clothes. Only cuter.....Allie was right for once. Damn.
"Alright, Darren. Come up and get your book and take a seat, and we'll get started."
We were ahead of schedule this quarter, so Mrs. Enderson let us choose a book we wanted to read, and we all voted on Maximum Ride, since everyone has read it and we'd get out of forced reading.
Darren took his book and looked around the room for an empty seat, and finding there was only one on the left side of me he took his things and sat down in the chair.
"Ok, today we will be (which is just reading out loud with a partner) out of chapter 26, so partner up and start reading!" She said, and walked out of the room, probably to the teachers lounge, where she always goes after giving us our homework.
We all were quiet until we were sure she was gone, then the talking broke out. I opened my book back up, not even touching Maximum Ride (I owned the entire series, why would I want to read it again?).
"Rose, Rose! Hellooooo! I'm talking to you!"
I looked up with an annoyed face at Kile, who had turned around to talk to me.
"What is it Kile? I'm reading." I asked, wanting to get back to ignoring the world.
"Woah, no need to bite my head off. I was just asking what kind of cake I should make for my birthday party Saturday."
Ahh, Kiles birthday party. He has one every year, and even though he's not popular, everyone in our grade goes. He has it usually at a hotel or house his parents (RICH parents) rent out just for the event. They pay for everything, except Kile likes to make the food himself, since he's an excellent chef.
"Hm, what's that cake that has chocolate and vanilla in it?" I asked.
"Yeah that. That would be good. Also, make sure you have lemonade or something, since ya know I don't like pop." I said.
Yeah, I don't like pop. Which just adds to my nerdyness I suppose.
"Ok, can do. We'll have punch and stuff, oh, and guess what? No adult supervision this year! How great is that?" he said.
I groaned, I could just picture the so called "couples" in our grade making out left and right.
"Yeah, that's great Kyle." I said, "Can I go back to reading now?"
"Sure, go ahead. Just wanted your opinion. Oh, don't tell your parents about the whole no-supervision-thing."
"I won't." I said, and went back to my book.
It was about 15 minutes and 30 or so pages later when I felt a tap on my shoulder, and I snapped my head up.
"What do you want now Kile?" I said, my voice a little harsh.
Only it wasn't Kile, it was the new kid, Darren.
"Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to disturb you." he said, his blue eyes sparkling as the met mine.
I broke my gaze, again, "Oh, no. I'm sorry. I thought you were Kile. He always bugs me about nothing."
"Well, I was just wondering if you'd like to read with me, since you seem to be the only one in here with free time." he said.
"Hm, haven't you read the Maximum Ride series before?" I asked.
He chuckled, and it sounded like music to my ears. I slapped myself in my mind. No. Resist.
"Actually, I haven't. I'm not a big reader." he said.
"Well, everyone here has read at least the first one (which we were reading) and I own them all, but I guess I can if you'd like to start from the beggining to catch up." I said, trying to be friendly. It wasn't in my nature to blow people off.
"Sweet, and maybe if I like the book I can barrow the next one from you, if that's ok." he asked, cocking his head to the side and making a puppy face.
I laughed, my walls melting down for a minute, then grabbed my book out of my binder.
"Ok, I'll start." I said, flipping open to page one, "The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective. Take right now, for instance......."
****5th Period, aka Lunch******
I walked into the lunch room and scanned the room for Allie, finding her reading one of the Twilight books, and she looked up as I approached her.
"Hey Rosie! So, have you had the new kid? I haven't got him in a single class yet!" she complained as we filed into line.
"Yeah, I had him for very class this morning." I mumbled. His perkiness had started to get on a few of my nerves.
"OMG! Did you talk to him!" she asked as she grabbed some silverware.
"Yeah, he asked to read with me in literature, and we read the first few chapters of Maximum Ride. Then he sat by me in every class except science." I said. (We have assigned seats in science, and the poor guy got put next to Jazmyne Bullmen, the mega hoho of our grade)
"Dang, you lucky girl!" she said as we walked through the line, the lunch ladies putting pizza, corn, and some sort of, oh I dunno, bleh on our treys.
We each grabbed a milk out of the cooler, Allie chocolate, me skim, and walked over to type in our lunch number so we could sit down.
As Allie blabbered on about how lucky I was, saying she wanted all the details on the bus ride home, we reached our table and I sat down in front of Mickey, or as I like to call her Mickey D, and Allie next to her.
"Mickey! Guess what! Rosie got to talk with the new kid!" said Allie excitedly.
"Cool..." said Mickey, as she and I both knew Allie was going to start to rant as usual.
I sighed, it was like we were in third grade and he was the shiny new toy. Oh well, it'll wear off in a week or so.
I heard someone cough, and I looked up from opening my milk carton. It was Darren.
"Hey...would ya'll mind if I sat with you guys? I'm new, so, yeah." he stuttered.
Allie look excited, and answered before I could.
"Sure! Take a seat next to Blondie here, and we'll tell you the ups and downs of this place.
He grinned at me half heartedly, as he had been obviously dealing with this sort of thing before, and sat down at my side.
"So, Darren. We'll start with the obvious clicks. Since this is such a small school, we don't have too many of them, but that makes them even tighter, which is something the apparent school board is trying to work out." said Allie, ending with sarcasm.
"Ok, the table behind us is a mix of the druggies, gangsters, and losers. The two tables up front are the popular people, the left one all the girls and the girls and their boyfriends, and the left the guys." she said, pointing to every one she mentioned.
"Right behind them is the wannabe's and the ho's. And here, my friend, are the normies." she said, gesturing to our table.
It was Kile (the only guy besides Darren now), Me, Allie, Mickey, Tayler (Not a dude, though she does act and dress like one a lot), Sierra, Dezeriah, Kinzie, and now Darren, though he may stay here for long if the populars decide they want him.
But, most of the people at my table weren't my close friends, but were my friends only because we were all classified as the same. I was only truly friends with Allie, Mickey, and Kile.
Darren nodded and nibbled on his pizza, and I stared at the clock while I sipped my milk. 18 more minutes to go.
Allie didn't like the silence, so she spoke up again.
"So, Darren. What brings you to little old Iowa, and where were ya from?" she asked him.
"My parents wanted a change of scenery, since North Carolina was boring them. We move a lot, but they promised we'd stay here until I graduate. So, you're stuck with me for another four years." he said, winking at me.
I rolled my eyes, and Allie grinned. I knew she'd have something to say to me on the bus.
Suddenly Mickey spoke up, "Hey Rose. Did you watch RAW last night?"
My eyes lit up as one of my favorite topics came up, WWE wrestling. That was one of the things that made me, Allie, and Mickey friends. We all loved it.
"Yeah, I got p'o'd when The Miz blind sided Cena like that. But did you see how he squatted down to taunt him? He looked like he was taking a dump!" I said, laughing for the first time today.
Darren laughed too, "So, you ladies watch wrestling too, huh. Didn't think this grade had much for wrestling fans."
"Well, that's why we're normies I guess." said Mickey with a laugh, and her cropped dark brown hair shown as she threw back her head and her green eyes lit up.
Darren laughed, and we all chatted about other things we enjoyed, like Glee and Harry Potter, and then took our trays up before the bell rang to dismiss us for the next class, and Darren waved to me as he walked a different way from me, making it obvious I finally had a class not with him.
I smiled back, then turned around and my expression went back to normal. Blank. Darn, what is it about that boy?
Authors Note: Tell me what you think, and if you want more! I promise, this is going to get very deep and interesting! :D Thanks!

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