The Love of Bellatrix and Voldemort

This is my very first story….. Please comment you can find me on under TeamCullensForever, and to PANSY PARKINSON FOR LETTING ME NOT GIVE UP ON MY SELF. Thank you for reading this.

If you like it comment and i might create more!!!!

Chapter 1

The only chapter maybe.

One day Bellatrix Lestrange and her husband, Rabastan Lestrange, were having a fight and he yelled and her and said,” BELLATRIX THIS IS IT, I AM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF YOU AND, AND, I WANT A DIVORE!” “ I d-d-d-don’t understand, I love you and I know you are not tired of me please stay,” cried Bellatrix, she could not believe he was going to divorce her, who does that anymore? “Bellatrix I know about you and the Dark Lord, no need to be hiding secrets to me anymore. I know the two are you are having an affair, either I pack and leave, or you can pack and leave, but one thing is sure by tonight I never want to see your unfaithful face again.” Bellatrix was just standing there thinking how Rabastan knew about her and the Dark Lord, then all of a sudden a memory rush over her:
It was a very cold wet night, and Bellatrix was heading over to Voldemort house to see him, and when they were alone talking Bellatrix had said, “Honey, how are we going to keep this a secret, one day somehow somebody is going to find out, it is going to be an accident, what are we going to do? ” “Noting, we do absolutely nothing until that time comes,” Voldemort had said. Then he started kissing her like he has never her before, soon before you know they woke up to Wormtail yelling saying,” Miss. Bella what are you doing here?” Bellatrix scream and ran out of the room into the bathroom to get dress. While she was in the bathroom she heard Wormtail and Voldemort talking. “Master, how could you? You know she is married and you let be unfaithful to Rabastan,” Wormtail said. “Now Wormtail,” said Voldemort high cold voice, “You know that she and Rabastan have been arguing now, and any second he will give up.” Now in the bathroom, Bellatrix could not believe her ears, how in the wizarding world did he know about her and Rabastan?

“Bellatrix, Bellatrix, BELLATIRX!!!!!!!!!” Screamed Rabastan. “What,” asked Bellatrix? “Bella I am……,” began Rabastan but Bellatrix cut him short. “Don’t waste your breathe, I love our master, now to think of it I do want a divorce, but before we get this over with how did you find out about this?” “Wormtail told me, he said don’t tell anyone, but when you keep going out and not returning until the next day, I started fowling you,” said Rabastan. “YOU WERE FOWLLING ME AROUND, HOW COULD YOU I DEFINATLY WANT A DIVORCE NOW YOU TWO HEADED TRAITOR!!!!” Screamed Bellatrix and with that she pack her bags and move out the house leaving poor Rabastan confuse a little and lonely.

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