beyond the rainbow (A Christian Beadles' Love story)

So this is just a story where Justin Bieber is your brother.
Your 13, and Justin is protective over your life, this story will be about his life when his not famous, then when he got famous, and so on.
So yep, hope you enjoy :)
Oh and your friends with Chaz, Caitlin, Christian and Ryan

Chapter 1

Just Another Day at school

You slammed your alarm clock.
“Ugh I hate that noise” You thought.
Justin walks in and throws a pillow at you.
Justin: Wake up sis, you have an hour and a half to get ready.
You: KK.
You get dress in this:

You go downstairs and see Chaz, and Ryan.
You: When are they not here?
Chaz: Hey.
You: Haha just kidding.
You hug them and grab some breakfast. About 20 minutes later.
Justin: Come on we gotta catch the bus (remember Justin is not famous … yet)
You: KK!
Then you followed him out the door and walked a block and waited for the bus.
There you found you friends, Ally, Madison and Caitlin (Yes Caitlin Beadles)

KK so i’m gonna go.. i’m too tired to write anymore. i’ll write now tomorrow :)

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