Taming a dragon!! (Charlie Weasley love story)

I was looking at all the different Weasley love stories and realized that there weren't any Charlie stories and I suddenly had the inspiration to write one. it's your 6th year at Hogwarts and you've only met Charlie once. you met him in your first year after you got sorted when the twins tried to prank you and didn't realize that you would get them back. you are now best friends with the twins and know the Weasley family quite well. your name is Alexis Knight and you are now 16 years old. enjoy!

Chapter 8

finally opened!

".............and with the note was a picture of that locket." she said pointing at mine. I looked at her disbelievingly and then me her and Ginny sped down the corridor to find Harry and Ron's compartment. we found them near the end and I burst into the compartment, scaring both of them. "Harry? do you recognize this locket?" I asked him holding it out. he shot up out of his seat and took a hold of it with one hand. "thats the locket that my mum left me the note about!" he said still in shock. "we need to get it open!" I said and Hermione started digging in her pocket for something. she pulled out a very sharp nail file and handed it to me. "here, see if you can use that to get it open." she said and I took it. I fiddled with it for a while and eventually it opened. inside was a very small picture of me and Harry as kids and apparently our parents. we were all smiling and waving. tears escaped my eyes and I smiled at Harry. "you were cute then bro, what happened?" I asked and we both laughed. "you know, I never thought it would be you who would end up being my sister!" he said and then I gave him a hug. "I'd better get back to Fred and George other wise they'll start a search party!" I said and got up. "okay, see you later sis! that is so weird saying it to you!" said Harry and I smiled and left. when I walked into the compartment Fred and George looked up with concerned expressions. "have you been crying?" asked Fred and I smiled at him. "don't worry, their happy tiers! Harry's my brother!" I told them and they looked shocked. "what?!?" they shouted in unison and I told them everything about the locket and the note. when I was done they looked as if they had been confunded. "well, I wasn't expecting that!" said George and I laughed. I decided that when we reached Hogwarts that me and Harry would have to go and see Dumbledore. what an eventful day!

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