Taming a dragon!! (Charlie Weasley love story)

I was looking at all the different Weasley love stories and realized that there weren't any Charlie stories and I suddenly had the inspiration to write one. it's your 6th year at Hogwarts and you've only met Charlie once. you met him in your first year after you got sorted when the twins tried to prank you and didn't realize that you would get them back. you are now best friends with the twins and know the Weasley family quite well. your name is Alexis Knight and you are now 16 years old. enjoy!

Chapter 3

What just happened?

After I caught up with the twins (which didn't take long. I caught them as soon as the reached the door to go outside!) I put Fred in a headlock and George was in a scissor hold. "do it again and I swear you will get worse than this!" I said and Fred scoffed. "you wouldn't dare" he said so I banged his head against the wall. after the bang everyone came out of the kitchen laughing at the position the twins were in. "you gonna do it again?" I asked with a smile. "no" they whined at the same time. "good" I said as I let them go and we all fell to the floor laughing. "want a hand?" Charlie asked. he had come over to help me up. I took his hand and pulled myself up. When I got up I realized that Fred and George were standing in the corner (still red from what I had done to them) laughing behind their hands, Ginny and Hermione were smiling extremely widely and smugly, and most of the other boys including Harry were laughing slightly as well. Mrs. Weasley was also smiling quite widely. "what?" I asked and they all spread out and walked away. I looked at Charlie. "your family are weird!" he nodded. "I know" we laughed and then I realized he was still holding my hand. I let go and he blushed and so did I. then out of no where Hermione grabbed me by the hand and dragged me away. "oh this can't be good!" I said as she dragged me up the stairs. Charlie laughed and gave a little wave. "have fun" he said. "I wont" I replied and ran up the rest of the stairs with Hermione. she dragged me to Ginny's room opened the door and practically threw me onto the bed. they were both really smiley and giggly I looked up at them and to be honest, it looked kinda creepy. "I told you didn't I?" Ginny said with a smug look. "told me what?" I asked. "that Charlie likes you!" Hermione nearly screeched. "shhh! god Hermione! do you want the whole house to know?!?" I said. "oh trust me the whole house already knows!" she said. "you mean they already know that your absaluty bonkers!" she laughed. "oh come on your not that blind surely?" she said still half laughing. "look! Charlie does not like me like that and thats final!" I said and walked out the door before they could answer, but when I walked out the door I walked into someone. "oops! sorry!" I said and then realized it was Bill. (ha bet you thought it was Charlie!!) "it's okay!" he said with a smile. "they're right you know?" he said still smiling. "what do you mean?" I asked quite confused. "about Charlie!" he said. "oh not you too?" I groaned. "look! I know Charlie better then anyone does! sometimes I know him better than he does! and I can tell when he really likes someone!" "is that why you were all acting weird when he helped me up off the floor?" I asked. "yes" he said with yet another smile. "alright lets say I believe you! then what would you do?" I asked. "I'd tell you that you need to talk to the girls not me!" he said and we both laughed. "alright fine!" I said and walked back into Ginny's room. they were sitting on Ginny's bed with their backs to me and hadn't realized that I had come in. "alright! I believe you" I said and they whipped they're heads round. they got up ran over and squished me into a hug. "guys?" "yeah" "I can't breathe" they laughed and let go. "sorry" they said at the same time.

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