Taming a dragon!! (Charlie Weasley love story)

I was looking at all the different Weasley love stories and realized that there weren't any Charlie stories and I suddenly had the inspiration to write one. it's your 6th year at Hogwarts and you've only met Charlie once. you met him in your first year after you got sorted when the twins tried to prank you and didn't realize that you would get them back. you are now best friends with the twins and know the Weasley family quite well. your name is Alexis Knight and you are now 16 years old. enjoy!

Chapter 1

Yet another Weasley!

Your P.O.V.

I can't believe it's my 6th year already. it's gone by so fast. I was on the platform looking for my favorite family the Weasley's. Fred and George are my best friends and I'm really close to most of the other Weasley's as well. the only ones I'm not exactly close to are Percy, because he's a bit too much of a prick for my liking, Bill, because I've never really met him and Charlie, because I've only talked to him once and that was in first year. I was looking all over for them but couldn't see them any where and it's pretty hard to miss a family of red-heads. someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around to see Fred with that signature grin of his. he gave me a huge hug and then I heard someone cough. "what? don't I get a hug?" asked George smiling. I ran over and gave him a hug as well. when he let me go I saw Mrs. Weasley standing behind them smiling. I gave her a hug as well. "hello Alexis dear how are you?" she asked as we let go of each other. "I'm fine Molly how are you?" I answered. "oh I'm fine thank you. I still don't get how you can hang around with these two and still be so sweet and polite." she said pointing at Fred and George. after a while of talking and greeting the other Weasley's the whistle on the train blew and George raced off for the door. "go on Fred your going to miss the train!" Mrs. Weasley said. "I'm not Fred I'm George!" he whined. Mrs. Weasley turned to me. "which one is he?" she asked in a whisper. I was the only one who could tell the twins apart so when they were trying to mess with her Mrs. Weasley always turned to me. "thats Fred" I said and she nodded. "Fred stop messing around and get on the train!" she said and he turned to me. "do you have to tell her every time?" he asked. I just nodded and got on the train. he followed close behind and found the compartment that George was sitting in. we talked, laughed and pranked Percy all the way to Hogwarts and when we got there we went straight to the great hall. after the feast me, Fred and George went straight up to the common room to get the comfy chairs by the fire. we sat up and talked for ages and after a while I fell asleep in my chair curled up in a ball.

~next morning~

I woke up and found that someone had put a blanket over me. 'Fred and George' I thought and went do get dressed. I decided to wear something summery today because the weather outside was still quite warm and when you live in Britain you've got to make the best out of the warm weather that you can because it doesn't last very long. ( link for cloths : http://www.polyvore.com/summers_day_at_hogwarts/set?id=29201187 ) I went down to breakfast and saw Fred and George stuffing their faces as usual. I sat down opposite them and laughed as they tried to say hello but couldn't because their mouths were too full. when they swallowed they smiled and looked at me. "mum wants you to come to the Burrow for Christmas" Fred said. "yeah. everyone is going to be there so you get to meet Bill and Charlie." George finished. "I get to meet Bill, you mean, I've already met Charlie." I said and they looked confused. "when did you meet Charlie?" George asked before taking another bite of toast. "first year remember, the start of term feast?" they smiled. "oh yeah! well you still get to meet Bill. so do you want to come or not?" Fred asked. "I'll have to ask my mum but I'm pretty sure she'll say yes." I said with a smile. "we'll send an owl to mum later" they said at the same time. later that day I sent an owl to my mum asking her if I could stay at the Burrow this Christmas and a few hours later she had answered with a yes. I went to tell Fred and George and they sent an owl to Molly saying that I could come.

The rest of that term went pretty fast. me, Fred and George pranking Percy and many others sometimes with a little help from Peeves and me passing all my classes while the twins failed quite a few of theirs, and before we knew it we were back on the train heading back for Christmas. (going home outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/winter_at_weasleys/set?id=29201904) we talked and laughed all the way and occasionally pulled a few pranks on Percy and the Slytherins. Percy wasn't happy when he found out that I was staying for Christmas, he said that the twins were bad enough and that I was just going to make it worse. we finally arrived at the train station and I was greeted with a huge hug from Molly. we all got our luggage and went straight to the car. when we reached the Burrow Molly sent my luggage to Ginny's room because thats were I'm staying. I walked in and there were two more red-heads sitting at the counter in the kitchen. Charlie was reading the daily prophet and hadn't noticed anything while the one I guessed to be Bill suddenly looked up from the glass in front of him. "boys this is Alexis" Molly said. Charlie got up and shook my hand. "hi I'm--" I cut him off. "Charlie! yeah I know we've already met." I said with a smile. "really?" he asked letting go of my hand and looking at me confused. "yeah. my first year after I got sorted I sat next to you on the Gryffindor table" he still looked confused. "we were making fun of Percy" he still looked confused and Percy was scowling at me. I sighed. "I tied Fred and George's shoe laces together and when they tried to get up they fell into the pudding." I said and he laughed. "oh that was you?" he asked still half laughing. "yeah" I said with a smile. Bill came forward laughing. "hi! you haven't met me before have you?" he asked. "no Bill I haven't" he gave me a look as if to say well-then-how-do-you-know-my-name-? "there's only one Weasley I haven't met, it's not exactly hard to guess!" I told him and they all laughed. "I like this girl!" Charlie said still laughing.

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