The Lives of 3 Friends

This story is about our monologue characters: Alexandra O'Brian (SugarKart), Claire Lee (Simmo123) & Mimi Nikatsu (Lynx_Minx). The girls are all good friends, with different talents & problems. They stick together through Asperger Syndrome, depression & child-birth.
Alex is a Pet store owner & assistant designer that suffers from Asperger Syndrom; Claire is an assistant chef trying to cope with her Grandma's death; And Mimi is a soon-to-be-mother with bossy parents.

Chapter 1

Alex- Pet Store Distresses

by: Cozy_Glow
I was working in my Pet & Clothes store, when Mimi came in, worried &angry. I looked up & smiled, trying to make her calmer. It didn't work.

"Oh, they are just pushing the buttons now!" she said, angrily, sitting on a chair. "They are so unfair! I mean, I don't even like him!"
"I know how you feel"

She laughed at my joke. She was a nice girl & a great friend. Her family was nice, put very strict. With the clothes I designed, I nearly forgot her baby.

"How's bubee goin'?" I asked, smiling.
"Hmm, oh, yes" Mimi laughed. "He's fine! A few kicks here & there!"
"Good to hear" I passed her a puppy. "How's Paul?"
"He's fine" she smiled, patting the dog. "We've nearly finished the baby's room!"

We chatted about the baby, work & life in general. Mimi was just about to leave, when Claire came in, crying her heart out. We sat her on the chair & comforted her. She told us she had just broken up with her boyfriend, Johnson, because he had cheated on her for another woman. We comforted her & made her feel better.

"Thanks" she smiled, sobbing. "I really needed that"
"Thats what were here for!" I grinned.
"We'll never abandon you" then, Mimi added with a smile: "Like that jerk!"

We laughed. They stayed & helped me in the store, 'til 7:52, then they left & I closed up. Today was fun & I couldn't wait 'til tomorrow. I giggled as I walked into my unit & snuggled with my kitty, Nom.

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