Who Knew That He Could fix All your broken pieces (Chaz Somers Love Story) PG

So In this your name is Nicole. Ok so I have been living the teenage life. I was popular in school, verey athletic, had SO many friends. I were also 16 years old. But this one day you were home alone. I was listening to ur iTouch listening to the song Sleazy from Ke$ha. u was also reading the book “Zach’s Lie” Someone broke into ur house without knowing it. u was kidnapped and raped. I suffered in pain thinking I’m hopeless, useless, and weak. But I was able to escape and go back ho

Chapter 1

Do you understand?

So I came home from school, knowing my mom was still at work. I dropped my back pack near the door and plopped down on the couch. I pulled my iTouch out of my back pocket and pu the earplugs in my ear. I put it on full blast on the song Sleazy from Ke$ha. I opened my book where I left off from “Zach Lie”. What I didn’t know was that someone broke in. They took my moms golden wach, my pear laptop, and some other stuff. And guess what!? I never knew. When he saw me he checked me out and got some duck tape. He covered my mouth with his hand. Then I was so scured. (Ya I know I said scured cuase I ment it. AKA: It’s another word for Scared) Then he whispered in a mean voice, “Make one sound or you will die.” He pushed me forward and clutched my hands together behind my back. Then ripped the earplugs out of my ears and threw my book on the floor along with my iTouch. The man got another strip of tape and stretched it across my mouth. He pulled me up and led me to his truck and pushed me in the passengers seat. I looked in the back and saw most of my valuble stuff back there. He closed my side door, walked across the truck to the other side and opened his door and drove off. I had no idea where I was going. I just closed my eyes hoping it was all a dream. I fell asleep for like 3 hours. Then I woke up from a sudden stop. The man got out and opened my door. He lifted me up brydal style. He carried me to a old house that was verey dark. He droped me on a bed. I fell and bounced up a little. The man cut the tape off my wrist and ripped the tape off. Even though it hurted I still didn’t cry.
Man: Now, your gonna stay still and say nothing. if you mave or scream I will kill you. Do you understand?
I nodded my head yes. Then he started taking off my shirt. That got me a thought. Now I knew exactly what he’s doing. He’s gonna rape me. I didn’t want to die so I kept my mouth shut and didn’t cry. Then he unbuckLed my bra and slowly stripped my shorts and underwear off. He then started to rape me. One tear escaped from my stuffy eyes. Moments later he was done. He dressed me back up and threw me in a room with no windows, a small couch, one dirty rug, and a coffe table. He closed the door and locked it.
2 weeks later
I was still locked up, in this terrible place. I never gotten any food or water. I was beggging for freedom, but all of it would be useless. Untill I thought of something great……….

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