Why Did This Have To Happen

Chapter 1

The Only Chapter

This world around me keeps falling down.
I cannot hold it together all by myself.
If only you hadn't of done this to me.
My world would have been left exactly like it was, Perfect.
Since you came into my world, you changed everything.
You cause havoc and chaos in my world and caused it to start destroying itself.
And after all that hacov you caused, you just left me to die in my world that is falling apart.
I held it together for a while.
Then someone else came along and seen what my world had become.
They decided to try and help me.
I thought i had found the person who would make my world happy again.
But it turned out she didnt change anything.
The only one that can ever reverse what has been done, is the one person that did it.
If only you could see how much you mean to me.
Even though you almost completely shattered my world.
Even though you left me to die there.
I forgive you for all of that, for everything you ever did to me.
I just wish i could have you back in my arms.
But i guess that will never happen.
Especially now that he has you.
I guess i will just have to try and live on without you.
I know it will be hard, but i will just have to try it.
It may seem like im giving up on you completely.
But im not, it would be impossible for me to do that.
One last thing i would like to let you know,
I will always Love you, no matter what happens you will remain in my heart.
I can never stop loving you...
I just wish you knew that, i dont know if it would change anything.
But it would be nice to know that you know that.
Keeping all these emotions contained is almost impossible.
But i will try and keep it contained for as long as i need.
But i doubt i will be able to hold it forever.
For i can barely hold it together, and it is just getting worse.
Hopefully i can gather up the strength to let you read this, for it will explain everything you need to know.
If i had you back, then everything would go back to the way it was.
It would go back to when i was actually truly happy, the only time i will ever be truly happy again is if im with you.
It hurts me to be without you, i thought i could stop myself loving you, but i was wrong, i can never do that...

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