I hate Him!(percy Jackson love story)

I hate Him!(percy Jackson love story)

Ok so the story is my character hates Percy,but they always get paired up to do stuff,Annabeth doesn't exist.Will things work out,maybe but maybe not

Name:Summer Rowland
Greek Parent:Artemis
Hair:brown,with gold bangs
Eyes:silvery green
Song:According to you

Chapter 1

I hate Him!

My blade hit Percy's,before he could strike back I twisted and knocked his feet out from under him.I planned to step away when he grabbed my ankle and pulled me down with him.Growling I stumbled to my feet,ignoring his offer of help.

Stupid Sonof the Sea god,stupid Percy Jackson.I sheathed my blade and and walked to the edge of the arena.I wiped my face and took a sip of water befoer streaching.I glanced over and saw Percy watching me,"Got a problem Jackson?"I asked coldly.

"No more of a problem than you have with me Rowland"he replied,mimicking my voice."Go jump off a cliff"I muttered and walked out,leaving Percy there.

Just because we were the only ones in our cabins didn't mean they had to pair us up.So I was the only Daughter of Artemis,and so what he was the only son of Posiden.

My friend,Haley,a daughter of Hermes caught up with me.She had elfish features,tilted blue eyes,curly black hair,pointed ears and crooked smile."Been practicing with Percy?"she asked,knowing from my annoyed expression."Yeah"I muttered.

"I can't stand him Haley,he's over confident,stuck up,and always thinks he can lead better than anyone else"I said."He's a nice guy,maybe he seems like that to you but everyone at camp likes him"Haley said

"not you to!"I say and stalk back to my cabin.My pet and constant companion,Tiki,a mountain lion cub,padded over to me and hiss playfully and batted at my leg.I scooped him up and petted him,making him purr.

He made me laugh,I kissed the end of his nose and set him down.He hisses and swats at me and jumped onto my bed and curled up on my pillow.

my good mood starts to fade as I remember Percy messing with me at practice.I picked up Tiki and walked outside,cradling the cub in my arms.Several of the campers barely glanced at me,they were used to me having a mountain lion cub.

Whoelse should i run into but Percy."Sorry"he caught me before i could fall.Tiki hissed and swated at him.Percy grinned and peted the cub,causing him to purr.I stepped back,ignoring the way my heart beat to be so close to him.

I shook my head horrified at myself for feeling this way."See you at dinner"Percy called over hi shoulder as he walked off,leaving my with the image of his smile and sparlikng sea green eyes


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