Sometimes it Isn't Just Love, but Werewolf Love

Chloe Elizabeth Call: Extremely short, grey eyes, light brown hair
Personality: Outgoing, loud, warm hearted, bubbly, random, loud, obnoxious.
Realated to: Embry Call

Chapter 1

Vampires, Werewolves, and Chloe

Chloe's POV: My soft howl shattered through the warm fall air. I thundered through the foggy night air; my mind wiped clean. A bright flash of lightning struck the ground probably a mile away, causing it to sound like a foot away to my keen hearing. I whimpered scarcly. I shook out my slightly damped mane. Then galloped back to my small, new house. My mission was failed, I hadn't learned if there was any werewolves here. Right as I entered my new yard i tripped and hit my head, blacking out.

Next Day

Chloe's POV: The faint sound of voices and footsteps awoke me. I opened my eyes to the sight of 5 snickering boys. I rolled my eyes and stopped. I was still half werewolf. I could feel my crimpson yellow eyes and the claws slowly morphing back into nails. I looked dawn realizing I didn't have any clothes on. I scrambled into my house without getting any eye contact with any of them.

Jacob's POV: "Damn, hot!" Paul called out quietly after she was out of ear shot. "Dude, she's my cousin," Embry exclaimed in disgust. A low husky chuckle errupted from my lips. "Pervs," I head her mutter just loud enough so we could hear. I jogged over to her and whispered, "sorry, I'm Jacob." She rolled her misty grey orbs and hopped into her small Toyota. Her delicious strawberry scent lingering in my nostrils. She started to drive off , but stopped and called out the window. "Hey, Embry, want a ride?" "Nah," Embry responded. She sped away and we all turned to Embry. "What's her name," everyone but Embry asked in unison. "Chloe, why?" I smirked to myself and then called, "we gotta get to school."

At School

Chloe's POV: I walked into first period and stopped. The scent of a vampire filling my nose. I shut my eyes and walked up to the teacher and whispered, "Hi, I'm new here. So where should I sit?" Every ounce of my body was turned into hatred when she said, "you can sit next to Alice, or Jacob." I looked around and spotted the boy from earlier this morning. I sighed and walked past the vampire. I almost attacked her, right there, in human form. I shut my eyes and kept walking, the disgusting scent was overwhelmed my the familiar scent of a wolf. Jacob's husky voice whispered, "does that Alice girl smell bad? Because you gagged while walking by." I shook my head, my eyes still shut tight. The feeling of normality rushed through my body, and I opened my eyes. His sun kissed skin glowed in the shimmer of the grey sky. "Alice, could you please show Chloe around," Mrs. Flinn asked. "Sure thing." She peppily responded glancing back at me and smiling. A fake smile clung to my face while she watched me intently.

--After Class--

Chloe's POV: "I know what you are, werewolf," she murmured into my ear. "Vampire," I retorted barely above a whisper. "You're extremely short for your age," she scanned me slowly. "Alice," a voice exclaimed right before she was going to say another thing. She skipped over, and he whispered in her ear. All I cold hear was, "" Before he could look at me again I bolted around the corner and stood there, patiently. "Sorry," she remarked from beside me. "Follow," she added before turnin and pacing down the hall into the outdoor courtyard. She sat down on the cool asphalt. "You smell surprisingly good," she inhailed and pulled back timidly. She glared past me, I snapped my head around and saw Jacob standing on the other side of the glass. He shot me a warm smile and I easily returned it. He turned back to Alice and glared at her before walking off. "Well, atleast I don't have to deal with him." She said, clenching her teeth tightly together. "Shouldn't we be going to class?" I asked worriedly. "And, since when did you start being nice to me?" I added curiously. "No, and today. Now, follow me." She instructed. She bounced up and walked back into the hallway. I walked practically on her heels, keeping up pace. A could feel another wolf following us, and I'm sure Alice knew too. She obviously was ignoring the soft crunch of footsteps not far behind. She stopped at a bright blue convertable. She opened the driver side door and hopped in, then gestured for me to do the same but with the passenger side. I walked slowly around the car and opened the door, hopping in. She backed up and sped out of the small parking lot. I caught a glimpse of 3 motor cycles following us. "This shall be fun," Alice said a smile spreading across her delicate looking skin. She gripped the steering wheel harder and pressed down on the brake as hard as possible. A blur of trees shrubs and cars passed by. "Where are we going?" I asked looking in the mirrors. "My house," she responded pressing harder on the gas. She swirved up a windy driveway and slowed down slightly. A creme colored house with enourmous windows appeared. "This is my house," she announced. Alice jumped out and motioned me to do the same, practically no other choice, I obeyed. She walked to the door and stopped, "now I'm gonna go get something. You wait out here." "Do I have any other options?" I politely asked, a smirk planted on my face. "No," she responded.I frowned, she stepped inside and only seconds later walked back out. "Okay, into the woods." She ordered, ushering me to take the lead. Awkwardly I walked into the glommy forest. I looked over my shoulder to see if I was to proceed. Alice motioned me on, once again. After we were into what was probably the heart of the forest she grabbed my shoulder and said, "stop." She gave me a kind smile and contiued to say, "now, I wanna see what kind of wolf you are." I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Must you see?" I asked hoping the answer was no. "Yes," she smirked. "Fine, but I really like this jacket so here." I slid off my jacket and handed it to her. She clutched it and said, "I have extra clothes right here." She held up a pair of blue skinny jeans and a baggy blue t-shirt. I gave a half-hearted smile and paused, "get me angry." Alice looked at me, puzzeled. She didn't understand my request so she asked, "wait?" "Gosh. Okay, you're going to have to get me angry to get me to transform." I stated, slightly annoyed. "Okay," she paused. Then smiled and contiued, "you smell like a filthy beast. Do you even know what a water is? Your hair is worse than a rats nest and a birds combined! And your eyes, they're this disgusting grey." I growled and changed. I reared backwards and charged forward, stopping myslef inches before her. "Wow, your tamed." She stated a little awestrucken. I gave a low snarl to show I found what she said amusing.

~~With Jacob~~

Jacob's POV: "Someone has joined the pack," I said quietly. "I know," Paul agreed. Being the pack leader, he must've known. "Got any ideas on who it is," Jared asked. We all looked at one another, curious on who it could be. No one answered, but instead we looked around at the parking lot. The people hopping into their cars and driving off. Slowly we all watched as the cars left and the parking lot was empty, except for our cars, and this one mysterious one. I looked at it, knowing it looked familiar. It was stupid though, I have seen every cars millions of times. I shook it off and followed Embry into his car. "Who do you think it is? You got that look ion your face." He whispered to me as we got into the car. "Uh, no one." I mumbled, still deep in thought. We exited the school yard and headed toward our houses. We passed his cousin, Chloe's, house. "Stop," I shouted. Embry slammed on the breaks, jolting us forward. I looked out the window at the empty driveway. I shifted my eyes on the garage and sighed. "Nevermind." I was hoping to find that that car was Chloe's. I shifted my mind onto where she was. "Where's your cousin, Chloe?" I asked, gazing onto the road ahead of us. The 'Welcome to La Push' sign greeted us, as usual. When it passed by I felt much better, knowing that I had exited the territory of vampires. "She went off with...Alice." He said, horrified at the thought. He slammed on the brakes and turned around, speeding back into the hated territory. "Why do you care?" Embry asked, raising a fat eyebrow. "Dunno, she just randomly came into my mind." This wasn't lying, she truly did just magicly appear from my memory. "Okaay..." He muttered, eyes locked on the road. Last we had seen her was when she hopped into Alice Cullen's car. She sped off in the direction of her house, leaving us to chase after them. The Cullen's driveway came into view. Before we even had gotten a tire on the driveway Embry stopped. "We should walk," he said. Opening the door and stepping out. I followed willing and began running up the driveway, chasing after Embry. Once I caught a glimpse of the blood-suckers home I stiffened up. A disgusting giggle filled my ears, knowing that they were close I began running, following the sound. I watched as Chloe's small frame stepped out of the doorway, a shiny white smile on her face. "Oh, Embry. What are you doing here?" She asked, a little annoyed at our appearance. "Your Mom asked me to pick you up." He replied waving her to come forward. "Okay, but how'd you know I was here?" Chloe asked, a bit more suspicious now. "I saw you leave with Alice, she's very," I paused, "intriguing." Chloe looked at me and nodded, still annoyed at us. She ran down the steep driveway, obviously realizing the car wasn't here, at the top. Once Embry and I met her at the bottom of the driveway she walked up to me and hissed, "never ever watch me or what I do and who I leave school with, again. Got it?" Her small body close enough to mine to realize how short she was. An idea popped into my head. If she was a wolf I could get her mad and she'd transform. So I eagerly whispered, "I'll do what I want. And if that includes stalking you, I'll do exactly that." Even more annoyed she responded, "well then. I can always issue a restraining order." She smirked up at me, knowing I didn't know how to respond to the unexpected come back. A chuckle errupted from my lips, my minty breath traveling down to her.

Chloe's POV: I saw right through Jacob's plan. He was trying to tick me off so I would transform, oh, but I'm not that easy. A triumphant smile appeared over my face. He gave a small chuckle before he hopped into the back seat of the truck. As we drove away from the disgusting smell of vampires Jacob tried to start a conversation. "So, Chloe. How do you like Forks?" I groaned slightly, I hated it when people tried to make small talk. "Good." I replied, putting on my best of fake smiles. The car silently stopped. "Thank you, Embry. Jacob," I paused not sure what to say. "Nice seeing you, again." I hopped out and walked to the door of my small new home. I forcefully shoved it open and sighed. Thanking the Lord that my mom wasn't home yet. She would be filling my ears with questions. Although it wouldn't e small talk it would be annoyingly close. I ran up to my room and locked the door. After throwing my bag into the corner I walked over to look at my calender, praying tonight wasn't a full moon. I squeezed my hands together and looked at the date, September 1st. Like usual luck wasn't on my side, so it was a full moon. I looked out my window and something, I don't know how, clicked in my mind. I've never tried it before but hopefully it'd work. I climbed into bed and stopped, once again something in my mind clicking. This plan wouldn't work, even if I was in the hospital. Drugged asleep, I'd still wake up and change. This was no use, so I'd just have to put up with tonight. Hopefully Embry, or Jacob won't come here tonight. Looking for their new member of the pack and being delighted to find out they succeeded in their quest.

~~ Midnight~~

Chloe's POV: I awoke with a start. I could feel my vains pump faster, my heart rate growing with every second. I hopped out my window, ready for the change. I blinked, and it was over. I had morfied, from beloved human, to unwanted wolf. A figure sped into view, and I automatically knew who it was.

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