Ok so we will all write about things we love. This starts with.

My name is Dayna. I love:
And then we write a WHOOOOLE bunch of random stuff we luvvz. kk hav fun guys byeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1


Campfires. Waterfalls. Writing. Acting. Shouting in Random pplz faces. Coffee. Chocolate. Coffee. Shelled peanuts. Neons and fluros. Coffee. McDonalds fries. Jumpsuits- paticularly my fluro pink one. Cinemas. Popcorn. Coffee. Vampire Academy!!!!!!!!!! Eclipse (the book). Coffee. Taylor Lautner. Johnny Depp. Cofee. Crappy movies. Parodies. Coffee(i will stop now.) Interior designing. The beach. French nails. Being a vegetarian. Protesting(when i can dammit!). Laughing. Laughing loudly. Laughing loudly in random peoples faces. Telling people I'm not a hippy. (I'm not, I swear!!) Punk rock. Urban Rock. The movie Titanic. The TV show Modern Family. The TV show Glee. My friends. The TV show Friends. The TV show How I Met Your Mother. Writing my book: Dementia. Upstaging my dad. :p Jumping up and down while screaming. Volunteering. Horseriding with Ash(ILY ASH!). Ashleigh Holmes.(HOMMUS!) Amanda Bremner.(BRENNY/VOLCANO). Shopping. Coffee(hehe i lied). Making videos. Youtubing. Googling peoples names randomly. Running like crazy. Maltesers. My three dogs and cat. My step-mum when she's preggo! Subway sandwiches. Nachoes. Vanilla Milkshakes. Purple lipstick. Neon yellow and green nailpolish. Wedge heels. Peep toes. SHOES! Going shopping with Ash. Going to the movies with Caitlin or Kobe. Kobe Barter. Going to movie premiers with Amanda. Dancing in the rain. Running in the rain. The rain. Thunderstorms. Winter. Summer. Spring. Autumn. Baby animals doing crazy sh !t. Smosh on Youtube. Pepsi. Going on speedboats. Gum. Coffee. Richelle Mead. Rootbeer. Sour candy. Lace ups. Converse. Coloured tights. Jeans. hoodies. loling my ss
off. Champagne glasses. Sunglasses. Creative writing class. Cooking. Foodtech class. Burning my creations!!!!!!! Drama class. Being dramatic. Ice-skating. Rollerskating. Skateboarding. Throwing up after looking at the guys in my class. :( tis true!!! Quoting my own books. Tooting my own horn. (HOOOOOOONK!) Straightning my hair. Watching animated movies. Showering. Making suggestive noises while playing tennis. ;p
Slapping people across the face.(it's fun, try it!!)
Quibblo. Tyre swings. Giant swings. Airplanes. Hayley Williams. Bliss n Esso. Good Charlotte. My Chemical Romance. Black hair on guys. Blue or green eyes on guys. Over explaining. Rambling on. Dancing like a retard. Black choker necklaces. Crosses on jewellery. Mascara. Fingerless gloves. High School. Over-using the letter X. Xx_BEINGxxME_xX Valentines day. (NOT!!) Christmas. Halloween. Partying. Going to parties. Hosting parties. My ipod. Cinnamon. The way babies smell omnomnom! Vanilla! canned drinks. silly straws. Red lipstick on white straws. Dressing retro. High white lace up heel boots. Australian steryotypes(which I'm not!!!). Poetry-writing it and reaidng it. My feng shui cupboard.(yes, i have one.) meditation. Camping. Double rainbows. Having hazel eyes-look it up! Dimitri Belikov. (VA) Adrian Svekloz. (Dementia.) Making videos. Yelling at my camera. Taking photos. Vacationing. Pools. Playing pool. Fake-gambling. Truth or Dare. Reeses Pieces. Hats. My long hair. Chef uniforms. Restaurants. Eureka skydeck. Ties on girls. Mini skirts. Short shorts. Smoky eyes. Trampolines. Mini Golf. Water slides. Bagging my friends.(the call me short :p them b
***s ily guys!). Being a midget!!!!!! Singing even if I suck. Arguing. Thick hair. Guys who approach the girls first. Guys who don't try and act cool. Ignorning people on purpose. Buying things on impulse.(how else do i buy a giant red star for the back of my bedroom door that doesn't even fit?!). Roast potato. Carving pumpkins. Roasting pumpkin seeds. Almonds. Scarfs. Sweaters. Leather jackets on guys. Not smoking!!!!!!!!!! Blind makeovers. 80's music. 21st century music. Yellow raincoats. Rainbow coloured umbrellas. Jogging in a dress. ;p
mustaches. Acting. Donkeys. Llamas. Climbing things. Monkeys!!!!!!! Bananas. Rasberries. Pomergranates. Coconuts. Pineapple. Passionfruit. Blackberries. Blueberries. Fruit. Fruit smoothies. Plain black V necks on guys. Ferris wheels. Amusement parks. Carnivals. Clowns.(oh HECKERZ no!!) show bags. The circus. Rollercoasters. Cotton candy. Caramel popcorn. Corndogs. WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!! poptarts. pancakes. The Pancake Parlour. Mr Fildes the eccentric philoipher!!!! Playing th piano and keyboard. Black hair ribbons. Toothpaste. Homemade lemonade. When ur date brings with him moneyyz for the restaurant. Always fun. When your mum isn't a gossip that tells her best friend evrything. "She has a bf. she didn't do her h/w... you know them teens! she went to the dentist, she broke up with her bf, she isn't talking to missy, she got her period.... bla bla bla bla!". Anyway.

My name. My future kids names. (Dawn/Violet/Delilah.)
Maroon curtains. Mnm's. Smarties. Fruittingles. Nerds.(candy) red liquorice. Black liquorice. Typing cherry stems in knots with my tongue.(which i can do!!)
Yoga. Giant beds. Things that are bigger than they should be. Christian crosses. Vintage. Books. Old books. Libraries. Big fishtanks. Lava lamps. My phone. Photos of my friends. Dark chocolate. Farms. =D Josh Thomas. Reality shows. Stand up ocmedy. Arj Barker. Cookies n Cream ice-cream. Frozen yoghurt. Black ink. Black ink tatoos. Japanese class at school. Japanese script(especially Kanji). Telling people, costantly: Hajimemashite, Bakka! Don't ask.
ANIME! cute cartoons. Japanese manga! Tank tops. Deoderant on guys.(c'mon guys. u know how to put it on.) quizzes. twitter. cats. horror movies. row boats. sharks. pirahnas! action/comedy/romantic movies. ICE-CREAM! Luna Park. Summer nights. Crying bcuz summer is over. Kitteh katz. PANTHERS. RAAAAWR! rawring at randoms. television. The paranormal. Spiritual things. Professional sayonces. Tents. Spaghetti!!! Falafels. Tigers. Old TV shows. Old movies. Jumping in to the shopping mall water fountain. Sunsets. Midnigh hour. Dawn. My Adrian Ivashkov story-plz take it plz plz plz! begging. FIRE! Doggehz. Singing the theme songs to TV shows. Being weird, differnt, strange...in other words: BEING ME!

Coffee. :)

Thanks for reading evry1, ILY all so much! Comment rate and fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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