Esme's Cooking Experiments

Chapter 1


"Emmett, could you come here please" said Esme's sugar sweet voice from the kitchen.
"Yeah mom?" asked Emmett
"Sweetie, could you do me favor" asked Esme.
"Sure mom" said Emmett ready to do anything.
"Honey, could you, um, try this steak i made" "But Mom, I can't eat it!" said Emmett. "Esme did you just ask Emmett to eat steak?" asked Alice.
"Steak, BUT WE CAN'T EAT STEAK!" exclaimed Jasper in his southern twang.
" Please Emmett just try it." said Esme.
"Please Emmett just try it" asked Esme, pleading.
"BUT ESME HE CAN'T EAT STEAK!" Said Jasper again.
"Oh, Silly come over here and try the dang steak" said Esme.
"BUT MOMMA!" screamed Emmett.
" Carlisle I think you need to get over here Esme's going mad." said Edward, talking to Carlisle on the phone. " I'll be right there" said Carlilse. Carlilse was by Esme's side within five minutes. "Esme sweetie what's wrong?" asked Carlilse. "SHE WANTS US TO EAT STEAK!" yelled Jasper Before Esme could answer. "Esme, honey, you know they can't eat steak" " But I just want them to try it" she said. "Carlilse,?" asked Esme holding up a fork with steak on it. " I have to get back to the hospital" he said. He was almost to the door when Esme caught him by the back of the jacket. "oh no you don't!" she said. "If no one wants to try we all will." She sat everyone at the table. "Now what a nice family dinner" she commented. "I don't know about this" said Alice in her high girly voice. "THIS IS ABSURD" exclaimed Edward. "WE CAN'T EAT STEAK!!!" yelled Jasper across the table. "ENOUGH!" yelled Esme smashing the table. All the food fell to the floor. "Oh, no" said Esme as she fled the room. "Dude 5 second rule" Emmett said as he sat in the middle of the kitchen floor stuffing his face. "Hey, its worth it mom sure can cook." he said. "Emmett that's just stupid." said Jasper. "I'm going to Bella's." said Edward. "Of the days you don't bring the human" said Rosalie "the one day she could be useful." They all looked down at Emmett as if he had lost his mind, Stuffing his face with steak. Out of nowhere Jasper Exclaimed, "EMMETT YOU FAT!" Alice giggled as Rosalie rolled her eyes.

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