Hogwarts - love and kisses

So random Harry potter fan fictions that I couldn't fit into any storys or quizzes
No story line
if you want any character then comment and I'll see what I can do
Enjoy, comment, rate

Chapter 1


You sat down on one of the couches in the griffindor common room when Fred force a hat under your nose
"what's this for?" you say sitting up and pulling down you dress so the skirt wasn't to high
"we're playing 7 minuets in heaven and your the first to pick" he said with a smirk and you rolled your eyes
"do I have to play?" you said crossing your arms and pouting at him 
"oh yes! If you don't...let's just say it involves your bras and a quidich ring" he said winking and you reached into the hat. You felt something that felt like paper and gripped it in-between your fingers. You pulled it out and opened it up. It was a photo of a large blue plant. You smiled and looked behind Fred at a blushing Neville. You giggled and stand up. You walk towards the closet but George stands in front of you. 
"butter bear?" he pushed a glass under your nose and you sigh
"fine" you quickly take a sip. It tastes different. Love potion. You think and smile. You hand george back the glass and follow Neville in to the closet. You heard the lock click as Fred and George closed the door and you turned to Neville. 
"he-hey" he said nervously and you leaned in close to his ear 
"Neville. Fred and George slipped me a love potion but they don't work on me.....my brother use to give them to me all the time as a joke. Anyway Fred and George gave me only enough to kiss you but, just to freak them out, do you want to put on a show?" you moved your face away from his and he blushed hard 
"wh-what do you mean?" you smiled and walked over to the door. 
"I'll show you.....love potion should have taken effect...now" you began to moan softly then slowly get louder. You stomped your foot on the floor and breathed heavily "take off your vest and mess up your hair" you said with a smile and Neville slowly did so. You moaned more and more. Getting louder and louder each time "grand Final" you said and pulled Neville to the floor so that your where straddling his stomach. 
"ummm.....one question" Neville said as you crumpled your dress and messed up your hair "why did they give you the potion in the first place?" you saw neville trying to look away from you but failing as you where so close to him
"I like you allot but I'm not very confident when it comes to stuff like this so they thought I might need help to kiss you.....but there wrong.....I could have kissed you on my own" you said with a wink and moaned loudly. You heard the closet door lock click and quickly began to kiss Neville hard. You began to undo his belt and You where able to slip you're tongue into his mouth before you where pulled away by one of the twins. You saw it was George who grabbed you. He held on tight to your waist and you pretended to try and get to Neville 
"Bloody hell! Neville we are so sorry!" Fred yelled and kneeled besides Neville who was now propped up on his elbows looking a bit dazed "it was only meant to be enough for her to kiss you not...you know....with you" Fred helped him up and you gasped and breathed heavily. You licked your lips and winked at Neville while still struggling in George's grip
"I want him George!.......I want him!......let me go.....I need him!" you said trying to pull away. 
"the effect should wear off now" George said to his brother and a embarrassed looking Neville. You pretend to calm down slowly and George loosened his grip on you. You looked at the floor and breathed heavily and George let you go. Once you where free you smiled and walked over to Neville. You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled at the twins
"love potion?.....I'm immune you idiots!!!" you said laughing at the twins shocked faces before kissing Neville passionately.   

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