My First and Last Kiss (a Justin Bieber love story) this is like my third story/quiz so I am open to any suggestions!
Here is this description of one of the main characters
Name: Rebecca Martin Smith
Nickname: Marti
Hair: Brownish Red mid-length
Eyes: Grayish Blue
Age:15 at the beginning but then turns 16
Slim but not anerexic

Best friend: Marti Williams
Hair: Brown shoulder length
Eyes: So brown they are almost black
Braces but still really pretty
Age: 16
Hometown of both Marti's: L.A.

Chapter 1

Big Suprise

"Get something that u would wear to a concert" Marti said as we entered my favorite place to shop. I looked at her a bit confused but did as she said. Its my birthday and she goes all out every year. After we went shopping we went back to marti's house and unloaded everything. And Marti told me to put on the outfit I bought at my favorite store. Which was short jean shorts a purple graphic tee and purple converse. When I got back down stairs Marti wasn't there but her whole family was. I looked at them questioningly they pointed out side. When I went out side I saw Marti siting on the steps with a slender box wrapped in purple wrapping paper with a silver bow. She smiled and handed it to me. I opened it and almost had a heart attack! It was tickets to see Justin Biebers Concert that was tonight!!!!! They were for front row seats. And also back stage passes!!!!! I almost died!!

On the way to the concert I got a phone call from my grandma saying that my grandpa was in the hospital...she then told me to go to the concert and not worry about my grandpa that he would be fine. So when we got there we parked and went to wait in line to give the guy our tickets. It wasn't long till we were finding out seats....which were directly in the middle. The concert started but stopped about halfway through. I looked up a bit shocked that the music stop and saw that Justin was looking directly at me. "Could you come up here plz?" He said. I nodded and made my way onto the stage. When I got there he asked "what's your name". "Marti" I spoke clearly into the mic. "Well Marti will u b my on less lonely girl?" He asked. I. Shook my head yes and went to sit on the stool that was in the center of the stage. After the song was over he told me to watch from backstage and he winked at me.

After the Concert was over justin came off stage he smiled and said "Hi beautiful". I'm pretty sure I blush but still said "Hi". RING RING!!! It was my phone. "Ummm?.........Hold on" I said. I answered my phone. It was my grandma. My grandpa is dead is all that was going through my mind. I quickly got off the phone and turned back around to justin who was waiting patiently. I felt tears in my eyes I tried to hold them back but just. Couldn't I started to sob. "What's wrong?" Justin asked. "My gandpa died" I said in between sobs. He pulled me so close to him I was crying in his chest. I finally stopped after a few minutes of all the tears. I looked at justin who was looking at me "Sorry I got your shirt all wet" I said. "Its okay" he smiled. We walked down a hall then went in a room that held a couch and some chairs and in one of those chairs was Marti! She turned around and smiled at me. "Now isn't this the best birthday present ever?" She said. "Yes!" I said and went to sit on the couch. Justin followed and sat down very close to me. Marti smiled when she saw this. I thought she would let it drop but she said "I think I need to use the restroom". "Go down the hall and take a right and it should be the second door on the left" justin said politely. Marti got up and walked out the door. And with that Justin looked at me and asked "I know we just met but can I kiss you?" I was shocked at first but out of no where I said "yes". He leaned in and it was like magic when our lips touched. But with in a minute it turned into a makeout session. Until his mom walked in "Jus- WOAH!" She said and with that we broke apart. "Hi mom" he said sheepishly. I looked down and felt the redness rush into my face. "We will talk later" is all she said and left the room. "So where does this put us?" I said. "Well I'm moving to L.A. This week and after the kiss and the makeout session I'm wondering if u will be my girl friend?" He said and blushed. "Sure" I said.


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