On the Edge

This is a Tokio Hotel story. I'm kinda obsessed with the song "on the edge" so yep. This band is amazing (:
In this story bill and Tom are 19 rather than in their 20's.

Chapter 3

Ready, Set, Go!

I woke up not knowing where I was, I only knew i had a large sweatshirt on and someone was screaming at me.After a couple seconds of looking around I realized I was home and remembered who was yelling.
"Answer me goddammit! Where were you yesterday, and don't even try to lie" My mother screamed.
"i went to the cafe and ran into somebody skateboarding there. I broke up with Jace, ran away from him and hit the same person. I went flying from my board, got really cut up. The person i ran into took me to his place where I got cleaned up and bandaged up. Then him and his brother, who I met earlier, drove me home" I explained. There was no use lying to her.
"Who are these boys? And whose clothes are you wearing?" She asked sternly.
"Tom and Bill. They're 19 and twins, they are German. The shirt and pants belong to Bill and the sweatshirt is Toms." I replied. For once I thought a conversation wasn't going to turn into an argument.
"Sally would have called and told me she was going to be late, and she wouldn't be wearing strange boys' clothing. Plus she wouldn't degrade herself to skateboarding like a hooligan and dating dumb punks." She scolded. My fists clenched into fists and I stood up.
"I wasn't late. It's no like you really care what I do so why don't you get back to pretending I don't exist" I yelled. She scoffed and walked out slamming the door behind her. I walked into my bathroom and started the water in the shower. i stripped down so i was only in my underwear. I ripped off the bandages and looked at the torn up left side. i sighed and took off my underwear and then went into the shower. It stung so bad at first but it slowly dulled into nothing. i shampooed and conditioned avoiding getting the soap on my left side. I looked down at my wrist and with out hesitation made a quick cut. The pain didn't even register as i numbly made another quick cut. I sat down and let the blood flow down the drain. The red was a soothing sight and all the anger faded for a short time. i got out when the red disappeared. i dried my hair and then slipped on my victoria secret leopard bra and underwear.. i put on a white Woe Is Me v neck and then jean shorts that didn't touch the scratches on my legs. i slid on my black and purple vans and then called the number that was on the sheet of paper Tom put in the jacket pocket yesterday. I hoped to hear Tom's thick German accent on the other end.
"Hullo" someone said sleepily. i sighed, relieved.
"hey Tom, it's Ronny. what are you doing today?" i asked, tying my vans.
"just recording with Bill, why?" he asked, perking up.
"Can i come over?" i asked hopefully.
""yeah of course. i'll call Bill and tell him to swing by your house." he said.
"thanks Tom! see you soon" i exclaimed and then hung up. about 5 minutes later someone honked the horn outside. i ran downstairs with my phone and the folded clothes
"BYE MOM" i yelled and the ran down to the black audi. i sat in the front seat and threw the clothes in the backseat.
"thanks for the pick up Bill." i smiled at him.
"how can you seem so happy but continue to hurt yourself like that" he asked gesturing towards my arm.
"shi+ my bracelets... i'm a good actress. and i can be genuinely happy when i'm not at home and when i'm with people who can get my mind off it" i said. i looked down at my wrist.
"18 cuts Ronny, and half of them seem pretty new. you're gunna take it too far one day" he said.
"Bill, shut up. okay. you dont think i've heard this from Sally before? everytime i cut she would give me a long speech, i don't need this from you." i growled.
"i'm sorry ronny, it's just i ca-" i cut him off.
"you don't care. you met me less than 24 hours ago. just... thanks for getting me out of the house, i can walk somewhere from here" i said.
"no, i can't disappoint tom like that. I'm sorry" he said. i looked out the window and huffed. i just got mad at a famous person. oops. we pulled into the drive way and i jumped out after grabbing the clothes.
"where should i put these" i asked him when we walked inside.
"on the couch is fine. let's go to the studio" he said. he held out his hand and gave me an apologetic smile. i gave him a small smile and took his hand. he pulled me down steps into a huge room full of guitars, a piano and records on the wall. i saw a larger glass room where Tom was playing a guitar. he was wearing a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. the shirt was unbuttoned and he didnt have anything under it. i sighed and broke away from Bill to go look at the guitars. a couple seconds later someone grabeed me from behind and spun me around.
"Heyy Ronny! You should sing with us!" Tom exclaimed.
"oh no no no. i'd rather listen, im no good anyway" i said. he lets go and led me over to the recording booth. Tom and him sang "ready, set, go!" first and it sounded really good.
"that was great you guys" i smiled. Tom smiled at me but his smile faltered when he saw my arm. i frowned and folded my arms.
"please sing with us! i know you know the words, you were lip syncing to that song" Tom pleaded. he got down on his knees and began begging me and giving me the puppy dog pout.
"fine, just one song!" i exclaimed laughing.

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