On the Edge

This is a Tokio Hotel story. I'm kinda obsessed with the song "on the edge" so yep. This band is amazing (:
In this story bill and Tom are 19 rather than in their 20's.

Chapter 2

Forgotten Children

We pulled into a driveway of a deceant sized condo with one entirely glass side. The condo overlooked LA and sat ontop of a small hill on the outskirts of the city. I got out of the car and limped towards the door, wincing with every step. Tom put an arm around my waist and half picked me up. He gave me a wide grin when he set me down on a couch.
"thanks Tom. But it's getting really late and my mom is going to kill me if I'm not home before curfew." I said.
"well what time is curfew because bill is grabbing you a change of clothes and some bandages." he said.
"oh it's 1. And whose clothes? I'm not gunna fit in yours or his." I replied.
"you'll fit in his pants. He wears girls jeans anyway. And you're skinny enough to fit in his shirts. The only problem we might encounter is you're alot curvier than my brother" he chuckled. I stuck out my tounge and stood up. I didn't want my blood getting on the white couch.
"quit harassing the poor girl. You've already hurt her enough. I got my biggest pair of jeans and one of my bigger shirts. Hope they fit okay" Bill smiled.
"thanks guys. Where can I go change" I asked.
"here is fine" Tom chuckled. I rolled my eyes and smiled.
"the first door on the left, it's my room. Feel free to pick out anything from the closet" bill smiled. I limped over to bills room and closed the for softly. I looked at the faded ripped skinnies and jumped into them. They barely fit over my butt, but they fit and looked really good. I took off the ruined tank top and then slid on bills fallen v neck. Even he had a little perv in him. I limped back out to them with my ruined clothes in hand.
"see bill this is why girls wear girl jeans, it looks good" Tom teased. I laughed.
"whatever. Lift up your shirt" Bill ordered.
"and I'm the rude one" Tom scoffed. Bill blushed and fumbled with the box he was holding.
"I meant so I could bandage her side.." bill stuttered. I laughed and sat down on toms lap. I sat sideways and lifted up the left side of my shirt. Tom put one arm around my waist and the other one rested on my legs. Bill sprayed some neosporin on my side and then carefully placed two large square bandages on my side. I winced as the neosporin seeped into the cuts.
"so bill, should I ask her to take the pants off or do you want to?" Tom asked. I blushed along with bill.
"I can bandage my leg. Nice try" I said, hitting the bill of toms cap.
"what's your favorite color" bill blurted out.
"uhm probably navy blue or red. How about you guys?" I asked.
"mine is green and Bills is blue" Tom answered. I nodded and looked out the glass side. It was really dark outside.
"why time is it?" I asked.
"a little past midnight, why" bill asked. I hopped up and hobbled to the door.
"it's almost curfew. I have to get home." I said frantically.
"oh alright. Cmon Bill guess we better get the lady home" Tom said grabbing a jacket. He slipped something into the pocket without bill noticing and snuck me a small smile. He sat in the back seat with me and handed me the baggy jacket.
"here, it's cold out." he said. I smiled and slid on the sweatshirt. I told bill my adress and then leaned back and closed my eyes. I didn't want to face my mom when I got home, not with bandages on my arm and side. Not feeling so tired and weak. Shed probably laugh at my pain. Telling me it's what I deserve for making Sally go to that party. It's god making me suffer, but I didn't need god for that.
"Ronny, are you okay?" Bill asked, looking at me in his rear veiw mirror.
"yeah. I'm fine. Just thinking" I said.
"about what" Tom asked. I looked out the window and then back at Tom.
"my mom. And how she's going to yell at me even if I get back on time." I replied after looking into his chesnut eyes.
"why would she do that?" he asked.
"she just hates me. She's never been fond of me. She just used to tolerate me because it made Sally happy. But now she blames me for everything and tries tonmake me miserable" I said glumly.
"who is Sally?" he asked.
"Tom that's enough. This is obviously a touchy subject" Bill said from up front.
"it's okay. Sally was my twin sister. She died in a car accident while we were driving home from a party" I said. I fiddled with my bracelets as a habit.
"is that why you cut yourself" he asked.
"TOM" Bill yelled. "I'm so sorry Veronica, he has no manners."
"no it's okay I don't mind. You guys are the first people who seem to really care. No, I cut before she died. She was the only person who knew." I said.
"I'm really sorry Ronny. Do you want me to walk you to the door?" Tom asked as the car came to a stop. I shook my head and gave them both a weak smile.
"thanks so much you guys. It was a pleasure meeting you. I'll catch up with you soon." I said before giving each one a small hug. I got out of the var and limped to the door. I took a deep breath before walking inside and making a dash for my room. Thankfully neither one of my parents noticed, or didn't care enough to do anything. I threw off my vans and slid out of the jeans. I fell onto my bed with a huge sigh. I closed my eyes slowly after taking off my bracelets and my other jewelry. Before I could do anything else my body became heavy as I feel asleep.

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