On the Edge

This is a Tokio Hotel story. I'm kinda obsessed with the song "on the edge" so yep. This band is amazing (:
In this story bill and Tom are 19 rather than in their 20's.

Chapter 1

Zoom into me

I watched the crimson blood flow in the water, slowly spiriling to the drain. I sighed as the pain faded. I looked down at my wrist with a slight smile, my guilty pleasure, my eternal secret. Sally took my secret to the grave with her and I would to. My heart saddened whenever I thought about my dead sister, my other half. Sally was the cheery, care-free, preppy, straight A, goody goody while I was nearly the opposite. I was a hard edged, rebelious, punk. I made Bs and lived in the shadow of my twin, I had never been good enough for my parents and now that Sally was gone things had gotten worse. It was always "why can't you be like Sally?" or "Sally would never do that" or even sometimes "I wish you were the one who died". That one stung the most, especially since I had always been the bad child.
The night of the accident is still a blur. I was outside with a couple of my guy friends smoking when Sally came out angrier than ever. She grabbed the cig out of my hand and threw it out. She had always hated my habit.
"if mom and dad find out we went to this party we are so dead Ronny" she said.
"yeah so what. It won't affect you. You're just so damned perfect that they'll think you had nothing to do with this" I spit. She had just thrown out my last smoke and I was pissed. Her face faltered a little, I had clearly hurt her.
"party is over Ronny, we're going home before the cops show up" she said. I rolled my eyes.
"fine. But it's not even 1 yet" I scoffed. She grabbed my wrist And I winced as her grip grew tighter as she pulled me through the crowded house. She let go of my wrist when she felt the blood through my shirt. We were in the drive way by now.
"I didn't know they were that fresh, sorry Ronny" she apologized. I just nodded my head and got into her little BMW. We got onto the highway in a few minutes and she looked down at my wrist.
"eyes on the road Sal. I'm fine." I said.
"sorry" she muttered. She looked up and she swerved to the right with a sharp twist.
~end of flashback~
my sister was killed by a drunk driver while I escaped with only a scar on my back, a years worth of nightmares, and a lifetime of pain. I sighed and turned off the water, stepping out of the shower. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked into my room. It was half empty considering I used to share it with Sally. I hadn't gotten to redecorating her half but I would eventually. I dropped the towel and put on my bra and undearwear, matching black with red hearts. I then put on black skinny jeans that had bleach spots all over them. I put on my Alesana tank on and put on my black and red vans. I walked into the bathroom and blow dried my hair and then straightened it. I threw my head side to side and let my hair fall naturally by my sides. Without my make up I looked exactly like Sally, blonde hair and black eyes. The only difference was I had a Taylor Momson layered hair style while she kept hers straight and innocent. I Applied a smokey eye and then but on my bracelts that covered the cuts perfectly. I grabbed my skateboard.
"bye mom" I yelled before running out the door. I hopped on my skateboard and headed towards the cafe to meet up with the guys and listen to some music. Once I got there I ran into a boy with dreads. He was about a head taller than me and dressed like some gangster wanna be. He had baggy jeans on with a large fox shirt on.
"I'm sorry. I should look where I'm going" he said in a thick accent. I was taken aback by his innocent smile. His lip ring caught my attention and I felt a little calmer.
"no it's okay, my fault." I replied, kicking my skatebaord up.
"Tom! There you are." a guy called running up to us. He had black hair with white streaks. His makeup was thicker than mine and he wore baggy black skinnies with a tight black button up. He looked at me quizzically and then back at the guy he called Tom. They looked alike in a small way and also looked very familiar. It struck me when I looked at their faces again.
"wait you two are in Tokio Hotel!" I exclaimed. They bothe looked at me surprised.
"you know who we are?" Bill Kaulitz asked.
"of course I do, you guys rock" I smiled. They looked at eachother and smiled.
"thank you" they said in unison.
"who are you then?" Tom asked. Bill elbowed him and nurtured something.
"I'm Veronica, call me Ronny" I said extending my hand for a shake.
"nice to meet you" they said in unison. Bill was the one who took my hand but instead of shaking it he kissed it gently. I blushed and nearly dropped my skateboard but somehow managed to keep my act together.
"well it was really nice running into you guys but I'm actually late" I said looking at my phone.
"to where" Tom asked. Bill elbowed him again and I laughed.
"just meeting up with my boyfriend and a couple friends." I said.
"oh well have fun" bill smiled.
"if we are lucky youll bump into me again" Tom
"yeah, I think i'd be the lucky one. Well bye guys!" I waved. I dropped my skateboard and started speeding off. When I got to the cafe the guys were outside smoking on the patio. I rolled my eyes and walked over to them.
"Ronny it's about time" Jace said aggitated. He put his arm around me and I could tell he was high. This wasn't good, he said he quit.
"Ronny you want a smoke" Henry asked
"you know I quit" I said.
" You want a hit then" Jesse asked. I glared at him.
"since when have I ever wanted a hit?" I spit.
"oh cmon. Quit being such a buzz kill. Sally can't stop you anymore" Jace snickered. I pushed him off.
"wow. Whatever Jace. She was right about you. We are so done" I spit before running off. I hopped on my skateboard and could hear Jace skating after me. Luckily I was better than him, and not stoned. He fell behind soon enough. I looked behind me and he was nowhere insight but I did bump into some unlucky person. I went flying from my bored and skidded on my side.
"oh lucky me" a familiar voice sad.
"Tom shut up. Are you okay Veronica" Bill asked. I sat up and looked at my arm and side and leg that were are bleeding.
"yeah. Totally" I said sarcastically. Tom helped me up and I leaned on him because it hurt to put pressure on my left ankle.
"Bill get the car we should probably take her to get cleaned up" Tom said supporting my weight. Bill nodded and jogged off.
"why were you in such a hurry" he asked.
"I was trying to get away from my stoned ex boyfriend" I said.
"I'm just getting luckier and luckier, aren't I?" he chuckled. I smiled and shook my head.
"Ronny, what happened to ya" Jace asked. I looked up and glared into his glazed eyes.
"I fell. But luckily this nice guy was hear to help. Now get lost Jace" I growled.
"no Ronny it's my job ta help ya out. Not some punk" he spit.
"how about you listen to her and get lost" Tom said.
"what did ya say ta me punk" Jace spit.
"you heard me but maybe you're to blazed to understand. I'll say it slower. Get. Lost" Tom said. I saw Bill turn around the corner in a black Audi an slowly picked up my skateboard. Right as Jace started stepping forward Tom picked me up and jumped into the back seat.
"just in time Bill" I smiled.
"leave it to Tom always getting in trouble" Bill snickered.
"so to the house?" Tom asked. Bill nodded as he kept his eyes glued straight ahead. Oh. My. God. I was going to Bill and Tom Kaulitz's house.
"so tell us about yourself Veronica" bill said.
"well first of all it's Ronny. But what do you wanna know?" I asked.
"what'd your favorite song by us" Tom asked.
"Scream, don't jump, or on the edge" I replied. I looked out the window and then down at my wrists. It was dark outside. I didn't realize I had left the house so late. The twins were quiet after my reply and I knew they were thinking about what they had gotten into. They were Now involved with a crazy chick who hung with stoners and liked depressing songs.
"nice, those are the most real songs we've written." Bill said.
"the most relatable" Tom added, sneaking a glance at me.
"yeah I agree. Your music has helped me through some really hard times" I said. Tom took my hand gently and gave it a small squeeze. I gave him a weak smile. I couldn't open up to them. They were strangers, famous people. I was surprised they were even being so nice to me. What was the point? They would go on tour and forget about me. I couldn't get involved with them. What was I thinking? Flirting with Tom and being so nice. I was never nice. These boys had already changed me.

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