Hello My name is cameron :)


Chapter 1


I'm cameron and my best friend is Jessi Sigh She's a fvckin bombshell xD
She doesn't know I'm hacking her ladidadiada. When she cleans her room I throw socks at her and I take lighters and burn things...Good friend I am xD
But in my defense it's just homework! xD Hmm We ride our bicycles together on sunny days, we make snow angels in the snow. We hot tub in our clothes and roll around in mud. We draw on eachothers faces when were sleeping. We go camping together in her backyard. We both suffer from depression. We understand eachother. Hmmm We sneak into eachothers rooms. We both have a sibling that looks nothing like us. Her sibling hates me my sibling loves her :) My mom is abusive, hers doesn't care. My dad left, her dads never there. We eat cookies together :) I give her parents my money I make from work because they can't support themselves. When were both 18 were leaving and going to great britain. Were bringing tooth paste and toothbrushes because we here they have bad teeth D: Mhmm so yeah i'm gonna add more to this later :D


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