Marauders, make a choice

Silvana Day wanted to be a normal girl, but she was never normal. She was far from it.
The day Silvana found out she was a witch was the day she felt like she belonged. Making new friends who were different like her made her feel less of an outcast, and her three best friends made her feel special.
James, Sirius and Remus were the greatest friends she could ask for, but when it came to making a choice on who meant the most to her, Silvana finds herself unable to choose.

Chapter 1

Im a little... different.

My name is Silvana Day, and im not your average ten year old girl. Apart from my abnormal appearance, with snow white hair and pearl grey eyes, my little 'gift' made me different. I could see the future. My mother called me visions 'episodes' and didnt understand them, or me for that matter. I could never see a whole scene from the future, it was more like seeing pictures or little clips. My first vision happened when i was six, i saw my older brother stealing cookies from the biscuit jar, and sure enough, five minutes later when i poked my head around the kitchen door i saw my thirteen year old brother standing on a stool to reach the jar.
It was my very first vision and i remembered it well, others after that were images, they wore me out when they came, i used to black out when i had one and my mother worried and took me to the doctors, i tried to tell them that i saw things that hadnt happened yet, but of course no one believed a 6 year olds stories. But as i got older my mum got used to my little blackouts, which eventually stopped, now i just pause and stare into space. I didnt tend to tell her about them anymore because she would just frown and say i would grow out of it.
But apart from that, im a normal little girl... sort of. As i said, i look different. My hair is snow white, long and straight, and my eyes are a pearly grey, no one knows why, the doctor said i had no pigmentation in my hair and the pigments in my eyes were weak. I was bullied alot for it.
I hated how different i was and i always wanted to be normal, and so on christmas eve, the night before my eleventh birthday, i made a wish.
I wished that i could belong some where, be accepted for who i was.
It was far fetched i knew, some one like me could never belong.

The morning of my eleventh birthday, i woke to a tapping sound on my window, groggily i rolled out of bed a pulled back my curtains and screamed when i saw a large brown owl sat on my window sill holding a letter in its beak.
"What the..." The owl tapped the window again, so without thinking i opened it and he flew in, dropped the envelope on my bed and flew back out. I walked back over to my bed and picked the letter up and examined it.
As i was reading the address my mum walked in.
"Honey, are you okay? I heared you scream." She said with her eyes narrowed in concern.
"Oh yeah im fine mum, just got a letter, birthday card maybe." I said, holding it up.
"Well you know no opening birthday stuff until after the christmas-birthday breakfast." She smiled. I giggled and followed her down stairs and sat at the table with Joey.
We started our tradition. Joey and mum would sing happy birthday to me while i sang we wish you a merry christmas at the same time. It was our way of combining the days.
After breakfast and presents, i sat down to open my cards, i left the letter last.
Once i got to it, i studied it again. It was an old looking envelope and was sealed with red wax on the back with a H stamped in it. I opened it and pulled the paper out, it was similar to the envelope, old and yellowing, like parchment.
I read through it twice, then three times, a look of disbelief on my face.
"What is it hun?" Mum asked. i handed her the letter and she read through it wearing the same expression as me. Joey took the letter off of mum and i stared at her, and she stared back.
"Is it a joke?" i asked her.
She laughed then. "of course it is. Magic? it doesn't exist." She smiled at me, i felt a little disappointed.
"No, it is real." Joey said, handing the letter back to me. "Franks little brother got a letter exactly like that two weeks ago on his eleventh birthday."
"So what does this mean? am i going to-" i checked the letter again. "Hogwarts?"
"i dont understand." My mother said, Joey smiled encouragingly.
Suddenly, a loud bang errupted from the fire place, and when we all looked, a large man stood there, beaming down at us, he wore bright green... robes? or was it a dressing gown?
"Ahh hello, you must be the Day family!" He bellowed, he seemed like a very happy man.
"My name is Horace Slughorn and i am one of the teachers at Hogwarts, im here to tell you all about the school, considering you are a muggle family you wont know much." He continued.
"A what family?" my mum asked. I stopped and stared at nothing, having a vision, i could see a boy with black hair with glasses talking to a red headed girl. He asked her if she was muggle born, and she nodded her head.
I snapped back to reality, i answered my mum before the man could.
"Its someone born in a non magic family, right?" I asked him.
"Right you are miss day, how did you know that?" He asked, looking at me like i was some sort of interesting object. Joey answered for me.
"She can see things in the future." He chimed in.
"I saw someone use it to describe another witch who wasnt born in a wizarding family." I said shyly.
"Ah, your a special little witch." he smiled. He called me special, i had never been called that before.
Horace slughorn sat with us for a few hours and told us all about hogwarts and magic. My mum finally came around, Joey wasnt as fazed, he seemed to know what slughorn was talking about most of the time. I was most excited when he told me about magic wands.
We set a date for me to buy my own, he would accompany me to diagon ally to get all of my school supplies.

On july 1st, almost seven months after i found out i was a witch, i met slughorn in london with Joey, who brought me on the bus and dropped me off. He led me into a dusty pub and showed me a brick wall, which dissapeared when he touched it with his wand. Diagon ally was amazing, so many colours, smells and sights, i could barely take it all in.
While we shopped Slughorn asked me more about my visions and my hair, i explained about the pigments and told him about my visions, he was very interested.
After i got my school uniform and robes, all my books and other essentionals, we went into a pet shop where i bought a white owl with a few grey feathers and silver eyes, she reminded me of myself, i named her stardust. Then we went to Ollivanders, the wand shop. I was practically jumping with excitement.
When i walked in the shop, Slughorn stayed outside, i saw a boy at the counter waving a wand around, shooting red sparks from it.
"Yes, yes. Perfect." An old man told him. He wrapped it up for the boy and handed it him. When he turned around i saw his messy black hair and round glasses.
"I know you!" I shouted before thinking.
"You do?" the boy looked a little surprised at my sudden outburst.
"Oh no, sorry, some one else." I laughed, trying hard not to freak him out.
"Im Silvana Day." I said holding my hand out to him.
"Im James Potter." He said, shaking my hand.
"Are you new to Hogwarts to?" I asked him.
"Yeah. Are you?" He asked, straightening his glasses.
"Yep, im a muggle born." I said, walking up to the counter where the old man was waiting for me, Ollivander i was guessing.
"Cool, im a pure blood. Do you mind if i wait and see what wand you get?" He asked.
Ollivander gave me a box with a long white wand inside with a light brown vine pattern around the hand bit.
As soon as i picked it up gold sparks shot out.
"Unicorn hair, willow tree wood, twelve inches. Very nice." Ollivander said. I was happy i got my wand on the first try.
James came outside where Slughorn introduced him self. We all stayed together as we looked around the rest of Diagon ally until the sun started to set.
"Well i better get you home miss Day." Slughorn said.
"Okay, i will see you when school starts james." I said as i waved back at him. He waved at us then walked on.
When i got home i showed mum and Joey all of my stuff. I couldnt wait to start school.

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