A Spy Like Me

A Spy Like Me

So this a re-write of 'Mysterious.' You guys wanted it and you got it ! And I've changed the name again.

If you can imagine a sleek, sneaky, mysterious man in his mid-twenties with a cigarette in his hand and his trench coat collar up then that's Sam Cale for you. He has never let anyone get to know him and he prefers to work alone. He's an under-cover cop looking for three men who have kidnapped a beautiful woman named Elise. But can he find her in time?

Chapter 3

What the..

by: Jacers__
I was first assigned to this case 3 weeks ago. Half that time I have spent out on the streets trying to find someone who had seen the mysterious Elise Vangol.

The other half of these weeks have been spent in my office.

The evidence of this is scattered all around my desk.

Pictures of Elise and her articles in the newspaper are pinned up on my tack wall while the official reports of Elise's disappearance takes up a large space on my tiny, bland desk.

As I walked into my office, I noticed that things were not were I last left them.

The pictures and articles have been rearranged on the wall and the official reports are out of order.

"What the...?" I murmur, walking around my office to see if anything else is missing.

I run a hand through my dark hair and try to figure out why someone would do this.

A thought struck me and I walk briskly out of my office towards Harte's office.

I knock three times and wait until Kevin's face sticks out slightly.

"Yeah?" He asks, and I can see that the bags under his eyes are more defined.

"It's a tough job." Landon's voice echoed in my head.

"Did you see anyone go into my office?" I respond and stand there with my thumbs in my pockets.

"No, sorry bud." Kevin says his blond hair falling in his face from leaning against the now slightly open door.

I don't speak but nod and walk towards Landon's office.

Immediately I regret not knocking before entering.

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