A Spy Like Me

A Spy Like Me

So this a re-write of 'Mysterious.' You guys wanted it and you got it ! And I've changed the name again.

If you can imagine a sleek, sneaky, mysterious man in his mid-twenties with a cigarette in his hand and his trench coat collar up then that's Sam Cale for you. He has never let anyone get to know him and he prefers to work alone. He's an under-cover cop looking for three men who have kidnapped a beautiful woman named Elise. But can he find her in time?

Chapter 1

A shame alright

by: Jacers__
Flipping my collar up, I walked down the dark, lonely street searching. I took a long drawl from my cigarette and continued walking to the bar where a tip had come in from.

I kept my hat low and my face concealed. Some people may find me mysterious and odd but I'm on the side of town where no one thinks twice of what you are wearing or doing.

That comes as an advantage.

Music flooded my ears as I opened the bar doors slowly. Some people glanced up as I strutted toward a man with a beer in his hand.

I smiled slightly as I slide in beside him. Women all around me winked at us but I ignored them.

"Well hello there Detective." The man said, his words clear. I knew he wasn't drunk, hoping that would also come to my advantage.

I nodded slightly as my greeting and looked at the man who said he knew some info. His dark black hair was ruffled and his gray-green eyes searched mine, waiting for me to talk.

I remained silent.

"You gonna talk or something?" The man asked me.

I cocked my head to the side a bit and answered in my deep voice, "You gonna spill some answers?"

The man smiled broadly and replied, "I heard that this lady you looking for, Elise, might still be alive."

"Might?" I asked wearily.

"Yep. I dont know where she at but if i do, I'll be sure to give ya a call." The man slid me a card with his name and cell number.

It read, 'Brad Colin.'

I nodded and said, "Farewell Brad." And walked away, only glancing up when a woman put her hand on my shoulder.

"Wanna dance?" She asked, and i could she was trying to be sexy. To me, she looked like just another wanna be.

"Sorry, tuts but I gotta go." And i started to go.

"It's a shame to put that body of yours to waste." She called after me and I shook my head.

Its a shame alright.

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