Two Become one ! A Sirius Black Love story . part 2

Chapter 1

Back to school

by: Nicola1
Me and James walked into the train together and we found Sirius and Remus really quickly .
" Sirius " I shouted as I ran up to him and hugged him.
" Remus " I also hugged him
" Hey Hailie " Said Sirius and Remus just nodded his head.
" Hey James " They both said
We all sat down I sat beside Sirius he was beside the window and I had my legs on the seat crossed .
" So what were ye guys doing over the summer ? " I asked
" Trying to survive with my annoying family " Grinned Sirius
" Em . Basically nothing . " Said Remus .
" We had lots of fun , going fishing , sleeping in a tent , going to beach's and climbing trees " I said with excitement.
" Yeah " Agreed James
" You have so much fun in summer , all I do is sit home and be bored " Said Remus " That's not fair "
" Well but we have something to tell ye " Said James
" Yeah " I nodded my head
" Would ye want to spend this summer with us ? "
" I'll ask my parent but they'll say yes because they don't care about me or where do I go " Said Sirius
" Yeah , I think I'll be aloud " Said Remus
" Good " I smiled , I yawned " I'm tired " I said and lay on Sirius legs . "Can I go to sleep like that ? " I asked
" Yeah " He said
I went to sleep .
When I woke I didn't open my eyes for few minutes.
" You should ask her out " Said James
" No , what if I'll get rejected ? " Said Sirius
" Whatever " Said James
And then I realised I'm getting jealous of some girl that Sirius likes , I think I love him.
I opened my eyes.
" How long will we still be in the train for ? " I asked and I picked my head up form Sirius lap and I sat straight .
" 10 mins " Said Remus
" I better get changed to my robes then " I said and went
Just when I got changed the train stopped .
When we arrived at Hogwarts we sat down at our table. First years got sorted and Dumbledore stood up.
" This year we are welcoming a new student he did not get sorted with first years as he will be in 5th year , he will be with the Gryffindor "Our table clapped
" His name is " Dumbledore continued and a black haired boy with one blue stripe in them , looking about 16 and kind of tan with green eyes walked in " Daniel Walsh " he sat in our table beside me.
" Hi I'm Hailie " I said smiling and he shool my hand
" I'm Daniel , I haven't met anyone with blue highlights yet " He said
" Yeah me neither , I know it's weir but I have them since I was born "
" same here " He laughed
" Cool , these are my friends , Sirius , James and Remus " I said
" Hi " Said Sirius
" Hello " Said Remus and James just shook his head.
" Hailie , we're going to the common room , you going ? " Said Remus
" Yeah " I said and stood up " See you later Daniel " I waved to him
We went up to our common room.
" I have Bertie Bott's Beans every flavour " Said Sirius
" So ? " Said James
" I have the worst flavours that exist , its a special edition " Said Sirius
" Lets see who gets the worst one " I smiled
" Ok , who wants to take one first ? " Said Sirius opening the box
" I will " I said I took one " Eww , I got dirt " they laughed
" Lets just take turns " Said Remus " Hailie goes first and then Me and then Sirius and then James "
" Ok " Said James
" So it's my turn now " Said Remus and took one , he spit it out after he took it "I got earwax "
" eww " I said
We were playing like this for another 20 mins we got Vomit Diesel Paint Mud Lemon Ink Glue Iron Rotten Sand Spinach Toe Nails Wood and Vinegar , how nice .. ?!
" I'm sleepy , good thing tomorrow's free-from-classes Friday " I said stood up .
" Bye " I said
" Night sleep tight " Sirius smiled .
I went up to my room Aurora and Julie were already asleep so I went very quietly to my bed and went to sleep.

-- He was coming towards me I could nearly see him . I felt huge pain in my *hands and legs , it was like he was trying to control me . The pain was getting bigger ---

I woke up with sweat on my forehead and looked at the watch it was 3 am .
I went back to sleep.



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