World War V

When the a Devil can no longer walk in Hell & an Angel can no longer fly in
Heaven, the World will plung into World War 5.

This story is set in the future when, yet, another World War has engulfed the world. Leela is a girl living in a dying world with many others suffering. Along with her friends & "family", Leela helps them try to survive bomb-raids, fires & enemy captures, but, will she risk it all to save an enemy boy, dying in the snow?

Chapter 1

The World in My Time

I swung back & forth, slowly, on the battered swing-set. The sky was shades of browns, grays & blacks. War does these things. I got up & picked my way through craters & destroyed buildings, to the school.
It wasn't much, but it was home. There were 8 of us. By "us" I mean me, the girls (Tony, Indie & Hayley) & the guys (Terrence, Troy, Shorty & Marty). We lived together as a family in a dying world. 3 enemy planes howled somewhere & I moved them to our underground bunker.

"How many was there?" Troy asked, hugging his twin, Tony.
"3" I replied. "There could've been more, though"
"How long will it be before they go?" Hayley murmured. "Hopefully, not long"
"It won't" I smiled, hugging her.

Hayley was only 5 & was scared of loud noises, like planes & thunder. She was a sweet-heart. No of us have parents anymore, killed in war. It was quite depressing & disheartening, but we live & die all the time, so we don't dwell on it much.

"They've gone" Shorty shouted, from the stairs. He smiled. "They're was only 3!"
"They didn't drop any bombs" Tony said, grinning broadly.
"But they did shoot here & there" Shorty said. "But no-one was out there!"

He didn't know how wrong he was until later, when we found someone that changed our lives...

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