Gleek Is The Best Label Ever Given To Me

I'm compeletly and utterly in love with Glee. Especially with Darren Criss (Blaine) and Lea Michele (Rachel). I decided I'd write a story about it.
Character info:
Name: Olivia Ryan (Liv)
Age: 17
Appearance: Average height, green eyes, dark brown hair to her collar bone
You'll find out the rest when you read it:)
I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2

That Name

"On the first day!?" Mr. Shue's mouth dropped.
"She was sticking up for Artie." Rachel nodded. I hated being talked about while I was right there. Mercedes helped get most of the Slushie off. I was still cold though. I took out an old hoodie from my backpack. I sighed as I realized it was his.
"Well, I don't like this. So this week's assignment? Revenge songs!" Mr. Shue wrote it on the board.
"Wait. Liv didn't try out." Santana said.
"Fine." Mr. Shue looked at me. "Have a song prepared?"
"Uh, yeah." I smiled, told the piano player what to play and closed my eyes.
"Ahhh... Look at all the lonely people..." I sang the first line of Eleanor Rigby. Everyone's faces lit up in recognition. I sang the whole song. At the end, Rachel stood up and clapped. Everyone but Santana joined in.
"You were so good!" Rachel gushed.
"Thank you."
"Anyways, the assignment will be revenge songs." Mr. Shue said, again.

At the end of practice, I went home.
"Hi, sweetie, how was your day?" My mom called from the kitchen. I could smell the burning dinner. She was never a good cook.
"It was fine. I joined Glee club and made a friend, Rachel Berry."
"That's nice, listen, how do you feel about pizza?"
"Sure. I'm going to take a shower and do my homework now!" I needed to get out of my sticky, Slushie-stained, clothing.
"All right. Cheese?"
"Stuffed crust, please!"
I walked into my half-way unpacked room and started rooting around for a pair of pajamas to change into. I finally found a pair and I showered. I was singing Eleanor Rigby again when my mom knocked on my door.
"Hey, Lennon, don't use all the water! Pizza's here!"
"Mmm... It's so cheesey..." I said as I took a bite when I got back downstairs.

"Mom?" I said before walking upstairs for the night.
"Do you know where, uh, he goes to school now?"
"Olivia, why would you want to know?"
"Just in case he's at my school. It'd be a rude awakening."
"Olivia, Blaine Anderson is not at McK--"
"DON'T SAY HIS NAME!" I covered my ears like a toddler. "You promised!"
"Liv, sweetie, the fear of a name--"
"I'm not afraid, just... Heartbroken." I marched up the stairs. She swore she'd never, ever say his name again. Blaine had been my boyfriend from sixth to eighth grade. When I found out I was moving, I said that we needed to talk. He then asked how I found out. Found out what? That he was gay.
It hurt so bad. I mean, I loved him. Still love him. I haven't seen him since that day. A week before I moved. I sat on my bed and cried.
I cried for hours.
I finally drifted to sleep.

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