poem for my daddy who died 2 years ago

this is a poem for my dad who died 2 years ago (the broken glass represents how life used to be fine and clear then after his death became rough and difficult)

Chapter 1


by: imawolf
as i look through this broken glass.
we took one step forward.two steps back.
as i look through this broken glass.
i see our wonderful past.
i see how it didnt last.
i wish you were still here.
without you my life is full of fear.
after you left my life became hell.
people ask whats wrong i wouldnt tell.
although this is killing me inside.
they tried to help but all i did was hide.
thoughts of you still linger in my mind.
i never knew i was so blind.
blind to the misery.
blind to the pain.
blind to what happens after the past.
as i look through the broken glass.


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