Your Beatles Fairy Tale

Another Beatles love story but with a modern day fairy tale twist. You will be able to tell which princess is which story, but they are quiet different i must say. Hope you like it :)
John- Cinderella
Paul- Sleeping Beauty
George- Anastasia
Ringo- The Little Mermaid

Chapter 1

If I Fell

"(Your name)!" Your step-mother screeches.
"Coming" you holler from your basement-bed room. You shoot up the stairs and see her sitting on the chaise in the living room
"Yes?" You say, standing up straight.
"Angelica wants to go to a concert" she starts out "Seeing as she is only twelve I can't let her go alone. So I need you to take her" she says as she takes another sip of her red wine, which matches the color of her lipstick.
"And when is the concert?" you ask quietly.
"Friday night" she responds. Your step-mother is a thin woman. She always wears high heals and is a tall to begin with. She has her blond hair clipped up and she is always spoiling your step-sister, Angelica.
"But I-" you start to say, but she shoots you a look that she has no interest in hearing what you have to say. What ever you have to do is nothing important compared to taking Angelica to this concert.
"I will take her" you say, forgetting about what you were going to say, because she wouldn't care anyway. Now I'm screwed you think to yourself. You were supposed to see your boyfriend on Friday for your one year anniversary.
"May I ask what concert she is going to?" you ask meekly.
"The Beatles" she says after another sip of wine. That perks you up a little bit. You feel terrible that you have to miss your anniversary, but at least you get to see the Beatles.
Life at your 'home' is way less than happy. Your father married you charming step-mother, Alison, a few years ago after you mother died of cancer. Sadly, he died in a car crash a year ago. Alison was never fond of you, and neither was Angelica. After your father died, you have become her slave basically. Before, she just treated you as if you didn't exist, but now that your father is gone, she can treat you however she wants, which is like a piece of trash. You live in the basement, while they get luxurious rooms the size of apartments. In your 'room' all you have is a mattress on the floor, a small dresser and a space heater. Life has sucked up until now...

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz. You slam your alarm clock as it awakens you at 7:30 after you slap snooze about ten times. You were having the best dream. You were dreaming of you and your best childhood friend, Paul. You were dreaming of when you were little, and you and Paul were playing in a stream during the summer. You were splashing and chasing minnows through the cool water.
"Your my best friend (your name)" Paul says
"Your my best friend too Paul" you reply. You and Paul were inseparable when you were children. You did everything together, and if you weren't together you both were probably planning what to do next time you saw each other.
"we're always going to be best friends forever right (your name)?" you remember Paul asking when you were in third grade.
"Yep. Forever and ever until the end of time" you replied. But fate has a strange way of working out. When you were in the middle of fourth grade, your father beat you and your mother pretty badly. It continued for months. Your mom was hurt so badly one time that she was sent to the hospital, and sadly died later on of blood loss. Your father was put in jail and you were sent to live with your aunt, who lived hours away, and you've never seen Paul since. You had to change your name to keep yourself safe. Now your name is Arura Rose. You are 16 and live in Liverpool, UK with your aunt Mimi. At school one day you see your best friend Lucy.
"Hey Luce" you greet her at her locker.
"Hey Arura. So we going to the Cavern tonight?" she asks
"You know it" you say and smile. You and Lucy have gone to the Cavern Club every Friday night ever since you were 14. After school Lucy comes over and you get ready to go out. You arrive at the Cavern and the sign outside says "New band tonight 'The Beatles'" you walk inside and see them on stage. Your mouth drops when you see who is on stage.

It's the middle of the night, and you are fiddling with your necklace trying to remember your childhood. You live in an orphanage in Russia. When you were eight you were found wondering the streets of St. Petersburgh. Now you are 17 and you remember nothing before you were taken to the orphanage. The only clue you have is a necklace that you've had since you could remember. It reads "forever in England" Tomorrow is your 18th birthday and you don't know where you are going. After fiddling with your necklace for hours, you finally fall asleep.
Riiiiiinnnnngggg. The bells awakens you in the morning. You cover your head with a pillow, to drown out the noise.
"Anastasia! Wake up!" the orphanage director shouts. You roll out of bed and see her staring at you.
"Yes Mrs. Rigby" you sigh. Mrs. Rigby is a lanky woman with a nasty disposition. She is very prude and enforces etiquette and hard work.
"Come on you have a lot to do today" she harps. You get dressed and go to the management office. You go through a pile of paper work that seems to reach the sky. After the final signature you are forced out the door. All you are left with is $50 and the clothes on your back. The first thing you do is head into St. Petersburgh and go to the travel agency.
"I need a ticket to England please" you say to the man behind the counter.
"That'll be $120 please" he says flatly.
"What?!" you scream "I don't have that much money"
"No money, no ticket" the man says "Next!" he yells. You get out of line and walk outside. Great you think. I'm homeless and I can't get to England.
"Psst" you hear from an alley. You walk over and see an old woman dressed in rags.
"You need money?" the woman asks.
"Yes" you say with a nod, Intrigued at what the woman has to say.
"Then go to the theater. They're always looking for people to work there. I can't get a job there because of my age, but you're young. They'll give you a job" she tells you
"Thank you so much" you say in an upbeat tone
"It's nothing dear" she says. You run to the theater and find the manager
"Hi. I heard you're looking for workers?" you ask the manager
"Yes always" he responds. "Do you know how to clean?" he asks.
"Well i was basically raised cleaning" you reply with a smile.
"Great!" he says. "When can you start?"
"I can start now"
"Wonderful. Let me show you around" he says. He takes you back stage and tells you to clean up. As you are dusting and polishing, four men come back stage, three with guitars, and one with drum sticks. They begin to tune instruments, and you stay out of their way. As you clean off table, you turn around to grab something from your cart, and you bump into one of the men.
"Oh, I'm sorry" he says in an English accent. That catches you attention at first. The man helps you up, and takes your hand.
"Hi, I'm George" he introduces himself
"I'm Anastasia" you say and shake his hand. You look at him for a minuet then...

"Look there's a new band tonight" your friend says to you pointing to a sing. You and your best friend Anna go to the Cavern Club ever Saturday night. You sneak out of the house, because your father is not keen on you going out in town. Your father is the mayor of the town and is very strict with you and your six sisters. You are the baby of all of you and is especially strict with you, he REALLY hates the idea of you dating, or even being near boys for that matter.
"Cool" you reply. you read the sign and it says "introducing 'The Beatles' tonight"
"Let's go in" Anna says. You stand at the front of the stage and see the band walk on stage. They begin to play and you immediately start dancing with the music. You love their sound, which is new and different from the usual music you hear every week. You peer up at the clock and it says 1:05
"Oh my God! It's so late, my father's gonna kill me!" you shriek. You grab Anna's hand and run out of the club. You hear the band exit the stage as you leave. You run outside and to the street. You wait on the curb to cross the street. You see the band come outside and the cross the street as well. You reach the other side first and look behind you. One of the band members tripped and you see a car heading toward him. You don't know why but you rush into the street, and push him out of the way. You make it out of the way of the car, but the guy is unconscious. The rest of the band comes to his side and huddles over him.
"You saved his life" one of them says, but you have already sprinted down the street. You see an ambulance speeding down the street, going to see the man you saved.
"Wow (your name) that was so heroic of you" Anna says out of breath as you reach your house
"I know. Well bye Anna" You come in through the bathroom window and tip-toe to your bedroom. You flip on the lights, and your father is sitting on a chair in your room and looks furious.
"(your name)?" he growls "Where have you been?" he screams.
"Nowhere" you lie.
"You were at that club again, weren't you?" he yells even louder.
"Nothing happened" you say quietly.
"That's it (your name) I'm putting bars on your windows!" he yells "And so help me God (your name) if you were with a boy I am going to lock you in your room every time you come home from school" he leaves your room and slams the door. You flop on your bed and cry a little...

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