The Piano Story-- a true story about ME

this a story that is true. it is about me and my friend Lauren. this is what i think a funny story but when it was happening, i didn't think it was funny at but i hope you like it!!

Chapter 1

Behind the Piano

i, Savvy, way sitting in the back seat of my car on my way to church. it was about 5:30. i wasn't there for Sunday morning church, it was for my sister, Carry. for her small grope, (what they call CORE) she had a Sunday night thing... then happened a long time ago, so i wasn't in middle school yet. CORE was only for middle school, so i wan't there for CORE, i had a friend, Lauren, who's sitter was also in middle school, and we were gong to hang out wall our sis's were in CORE. so they stared in one room and then they went into the next room and for the rest of the time. me and Lauren were in the 2ed room. and in that room there was a piano. and we had a plan that when they (the people at CORE) came in, we would hide behind the piano. we would have never done it if we had know how it was going to turn out. so we waited for some time, then we herd a lot to talking and feet walking, so we dashed behind the piano. they all sat down and they stared they lesson. we were listing for a little bit but then said that we both wanted to get out. but we couldn't do it now. they were all there! and we didn't want to let them all see us... so we said that we would go when they were praying. but they always prayed at the end, so what was that point! they would be leaving after that so we said that we would just wait. but after a little bit we REALLY wanted out. so we were like 'ok we're going to do it on 3. 1... 2... 3... i'm scared!!' so we would wait and then so it again and be too scared. we were so scared. i don't know why now but i was shaking and all that. so in the middle of the lesson, Lauren sister, Megan, said 'i think you sisters are hiding behind the piano.' me and Lauren looked at each other so scared. then Margo (the small grope leader) came over and said 'what are you doing behind there?' i said that i lost my necklace charm and i thought i was it go behind the piano and then you all came in and we were too scared to come out. i think it was funny cuzz' they where talking about friendship and Tish (the middle school leader) said 'that's okay. good friends hide together.' and when we left we like oh my gosh! that was SO embarrassing! but too this day when me and Lauren tell that story, they all laugh!!
that was a true story about how me and Lauren adopted the nickname The Piano Sisters!!


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