To all my boys... 4

She found out!!!!!!!!!!what will happen next?

Chapter 1

A strange dream

"Percy?" I asked. "Who's he?" I'm pretty sure that no one heard me because Chiron went of galloping and Red and Zac were following him.
"Peter Johnson? Oh hes back now is he..Annabelle is here to probably.." said Mr D. I turned around and smiled awkwardly then I ran in the direction of Zac and Red.
They ran through the strawberry patch and stopped at the pine tree. A group of about 60 odd kids were there surrounding some one. I couldn't really see, but I knew it was two people.
"He guys!! Were back!" said a man's voice.
"People STOP CROWDING HIM!!!!!!!" yelled a little girl. Her eye's were fierce and she looked like she was going to stab some one. Everyone stepped away from them.
I guessed that Percy was the man. He looked like he was in his 20s with black hair and bright green eyes. On his face, he wore a big smile.
The women who was holding his hand had pretty blonde curls. She looked about the same age a Percy and her eye's were grey but a different shade the Zac's. Maybe calmer,maybe more intelligent, maybe more mature.
"Who's she?" I whispeared to a random kid.
"Annabeth stupid..oh wait your new!" he said in surprise. Then he did something that made me hit him."ANNABETH!PERCY!!LOOK A NEWBIE!!!!!!!!!" he yelled pointing straight at me. All eyes turned to me.
Percy and Annabeth pushed through the crown. Annabeth had a pale lilac dress. She looked like she had been to a dance.
"Hi!" she said holding out her hand."My names Annabeth, what's yours?" she said confidently. I felt like shrinking or fading on the spot since lots of people were looking at me like I'd committed a terrible crime, stealing Annabeth's and Percy's attention.
"Serena.." I answered strongly. I wasn't going to let a group of kids, most of them taller then be and stronger, bet me down. I'd stand strong.
"The name's Percy" said Percy and he extended his arm just as I shook Annabeth's. I shook his to.
Then he bent over and whispeared in Annabeth's ear.
"Where is she from..her accent.."
"I'm from Scotland!" I replied confidently. He looked shocked.
"How did you hear what I was saying?" he demanded.
"Well for one think, if you talk like a foghorn, how couldn't I hear you and second, don't diss my accent!" I snapped. Annabeth looked like she was going to fall on the ground laughing. Percy looked over to her then smiled.
"Sorry.." he said.
'I walked of laughing to myself because just then Chiron had come and started talking to Percy about how he was and if he had killed any monsters lately.
I walked back down and sat under the shade of a tree. For once in my life, I made some one smile. I was happy.
"Hey what are you doing here?"
I looked up and found Zac staring at me looking kind of worried.
"Nothing..i'm just happy..for the first time in my life..i made some one smile!" I said. He smiled back at me.
"Who is Percy anyway?" I asked Zac. Zac looked surprised.
"Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon, Hero of Camp Half Blood. I heard rumours going around that he might propose to Annabeth. The blonde one. She's a daughter of Athena, and both of them have known each other since they were 12, now there 23.. kind of like childhood friends.." aid Zac then he sat down opposite of me.
The way he smiled the held his head up high with pride..the way he looked and seemed so polite..he really wasn't..just annoying, the way he thought that he was superior, the way he was a great leader..
"He do I know you?" I asked. He looked at me.
"I was going to ask you the exact same you know someone called,Alexandria?" he asked. I was annoyed.
"What is it with that name??!! Everybody keeps calling me it and asking if I now her, who is Alexandria cause I don't know!" I shouldn't of lost my temper but Zac was calm. Like he was use to the mood swings..Miles..
The it happened.
Me head started aching again but this time it was a sharp pain. I didn't fall down like before. Half of my mind was conscious but the other part was seeing something. Like a dream..

It was set in Camp Half Blood, under the exact tree that we were sitting under. "Miltiades! Wait for me!" screamed a girls voice out of no where. She was obviously speaking Ancient Greek.
A boy with blonde hair came running past. He stopped under the tree.Then, he looked up. His grey eye's where amazing. The light shone of them and made the look like diamonds or something sparkly. They where exactly the same as..Zac's.
He was wearing Greek clothing and was carrying a little wooden sword. 'Miltiades' looked about 7 or 8.
"I told you to wait!" the girl who had screamed his name also stopped under the tree. She looked a year under him.Her short brown hair was pulled back with a ribbon and her blue eye's shone like the sea. She was also carrying a sword to.
"Alexandria!I told you to stop calling me Miltiades! I hate that name." he sounded annoyed but in a little kids voice.
"Then what can I call you?" she asked.
"Anything but Miltiades! I hate that name!"
"May I call you Miles?"
"Ah...Okay, Can I call you Alex then?"
"Sure! Why not?" asked the little girl,Alexandria. The sky that was looking perfectly fine up untill Alexandria had smiled as now black with storm clouds.
"Oh no, what did I do this time?" asked Alexandria looking up at the sky.
Zac..i mean Miles smiled. "You smiled at me of course" Alex grumbled.
"Bye Miles, i'm going to Sebastian's house." she said.
"Are you sure? I thought the place was haunted?" said Miles uncertainly.
"He's a son of Hades syupid..well..maybe your right, I'll go to father than and ask him to calm down Zeus." said Alex smiling. Just before she left she kissed Miles's cheek.
The thunder started right at that moment. Alex ran. The lightning was reaching down to earth and then all of a sudden Zeus appeared in front of Miles. He was wearing a white toga.
"What do you see in her?" asked Zeus. He looked angry.
"Just because you hate her father doesn't mean I do!" snapped Miles. Thia had angered Zeus to the limit. Zeus yelled so loud that the ground shook. Miles looked scared.
"SO BE IT! If that menace means so much to you than prove it! She shall die before she reaches the age of 11, I shall make sure of that! The fates obey me son!!"
"FATHER! Do not doom one and change their destiny for your selfish reasons!""
"SELFISH AM I!! Then you shall die to, in vain that you dearest friend has gone!"
"She is not my dearest friend.." said Miles looking at his feet.
"Then you,that girl and your dearest friend shall all die!" Zeus hissed.
Miles looked horror struk. Zeus vanished. The dream thing ended with a boy's voice screaming "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" It was Miles obviously.

The next thing I knew I was sitting in front of Zac again. He looked at me shocked.
"What's the matter?" I asked.
He pointed at something that was on top of my head. A symbol of a tridant glowing greeny blue, like the sea. Next to it was a tiny shield with the letter 'A' on it.

"Your a child of Poseidon!" he said. The sky grew dark again. Thunder and lightning and rain was pouring down. I looked at the 'A' and smiled. I knew who I was know.

"Well, yes..but i'm also someone else." I said.
"Who?" he asked.
"Alexandria, Defender of Men."


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