A Truly Evil Slytherin (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

This is about a truly evil Slytherin named Onyx Daimon. Most people call her Onyx Demon. Onyx has long dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She's really pretty, and really, really conceited. She's actually really smart, but she uses her talents for evil. She's Voldemort's daughter. I really don't want to think about that too much...Voldemort having a child? Ew...
(Takes place in book 5)

Chapter 1

Obedient, Evil Little Child

I sat at the kitchen table, examining a book about advanced potions. Hmm...this poison could be useful. My father walked in, and I straightened up. I have a lot of respect for my father. He assures me that my mother was a pure-blood. "Onyx Daimon." (Daimon was her mother's last name) "You will soon be entering your 5th year at Hogwarts. But I need to recruit new Death Eaters. "What must I do?" I asked. My father wants to get rid of all the Mudbloods and Muggles. I do what I can to help without attracting suspicion. "You will stay at the Malfoys for the rest of your summer. When you get to Hogwarts, I encourage you to try and convince people that I have not come back. Lull them into a false sense of security." "Of course." I said. My tone was not cold, but it betrayed no emotion. "Good. The Malfoys already now you're going." "Do I go by Floo Powder?" "Yes." I stood up, waved my wand to get my stuff packed, and started to grab a fistful of Floo Powder. "Oh, and Onyx?" Voldemort said. "Yes?" "Try and get Draco even more on our side. I intend to use him to punish Lucius if Lucius should fail." "And what if Lucius does not fail?" (They talk really formal, but she's a regular trash-talker away from her father.) "Then Draco shall join by himself." I nodded, then used the Floo Powder to go to the Malfoys. Lucius wasn't there. Narcissa smiled at me warmly. "Your snake is already here. Your room is upstairs. First door on the right." "Thank you." I said. I walked in the room, smiling at what I saw. It was really to my liking. There were Slytherin banners, a bookshelf full of books on advanced curses and potions, and even a cage for my snake. Actually, she's technically my dad's. I'm supposed to take care of her. Nagini loves me, however. "Hello, Nagini," I hissed in Parseltongue. I'm a direct descendent of Salazar Slytherin! Of course I speak Parseltongue. "Hello, Onyx. Draco was looking for you earlier." Nagini hissed back. I smiled at her, waved my wand to unpack my things, and turned around to face...Draco Malfoy. I smiled warmly at him. I can't really say I like anyone, or have ever liked anyone, but I flirt with Draco anyway. My father told me once that if I should ever end up with anyone, it would have to be with a Slytherin my age who was the son of a Death Eater. The only other options were Crabbe and Goyle. No way. "Hi," Draco said. "Glad to see you made it." "I'm glad to be hear." I said, batting my eyes. Draco just started at me, making me smile. "Dinner's soon." he said, looking as if he wanted to say more. I remembered the last thing my dad had asked me, and I decided to lay the flirting on thick. "Is it formal?" I asked. "No, but don't dress in a
T-shirt and things like that." "Wouldn't dream of it." I said. "See you later." Draco walked out. Why was my heart beating a little fast?

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