Damn It, Peeves!! (A Hogwarts Story)

Damn It, Peeves!! (A Hogwarts Story)

In this story, there is a 10th Weasley. Her name is Fallon Weasley and is the youngest Weasley, being a year behind Ginny. By far, her favorite family member would be Ginny. Plz tell me if you like my story! Comment and Rate!!

Chapter 1

Why does Ron hate me?

"Mum! Dad!" I yelled as I ran through the halls of our home, "Look what came in the mail today!" I ran into our kitchen and tossed my acceptance letter into Hogwarts onto the table. My name is Fallon, I'm the youngest Weasley. Mum was always saying I was a little gift. She had always wanted twin girls, and Ginny and I were about as close as Mum would ever get, unless she decided to have MORE kids (Doubtful...) Ginny was a year older than me. She would be starting her second year, my brother Ron, his third, Fred and George, their fifth year. Anyway, back to the story.

Mum made a quick scan of my letter, then, shreiked in excitement and hugged me. We were both jumping up and down like idiots, so I wasn't suprised when the rest of the Weasley gang, along with Harry and Hermione, came rushing down to see the commotion. One glance at the letter on the table was all it took. I was passed back and forth beetween family members and friends, with a swirl of "Good for you!"'s and 'She'll be a Gryffindor for sure' 's shooting out of everyone's mouths. 'Cept Rons. Ron replied to my excitement with a "You'd make a good Slytherin." and everyone fell silent when he said that. I admit, Ron didn't like me much, don't ask me why, I don't know. I didn't really like Ron, either. And, OK, I had a touch more rude in me than my family but, hey, that wouldn't alter what house I was in. Right?
"And why is that?" I asked sternly. Ron didn't say anything, he just lifted his forearm, displaying where I had drawn a sloppy Dark Mark in pen while he had been sleeping last night. Fred and George snickered when I seemed lost for words. I hastily replied, "So? It's not like it's permenant. Besides, it was just a joke." Ron snorted and lifted his other arm, showing everyone where I had left a hand-sized red print on his arm (I had slapped him quite hard during a tantrum). "Big deal." I scoffed. Ron began to lift up the sleeve of his shirt, probably to show yet another injury I had given him, but Dad stopped him. "Ron, that is enough." He scoffed and went upstairs, mumbling something about 'Daddy's little angel'...
Mum broke the akward silence by hastily saying, "We'll go shopping for your things tomorrow. Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes." I grabbed my letter and sprinted up to my room, which I share with Ginny and, when she stayed here, Hermione. I threw open the door and jumped, landing on my bed. I read the letter 6 times through, taking in every word. For years, I've had to endure my older siblings tell of their adventures at Hogwarts. I'd listen when Ron would tell Mum and Dad of all the adventures he had gone on with Harry. I'd listen to Fred and George tell me of all their highlighting pranks of that year. I'd listen to Ginny tell of all the cute boys that she had dated. Now, finally, It would be MY turn. Just then, Ginny and Hermione came in the room. "Hi guys!" I greeted excitedley. They waved back and started talking about something I wasn't really interested in. Suddenly, after much thinking, I asked, "Do you think Ron is right? Would I make a good Slytherin?" The two looked up at me sympathetically. "Aww..." Ginny sighed as she walked over and hugged me, "Ron's just joking, Fallon. Besides, even if he wasn't, he's too stupid to tell the difference." I chuckled a bit, then sighed. "Don't worry, Fallon." said Hermione, "Your going to be a Gryffindor. I know it." Hermione smiled and Ginny patted my back. Then they both left the room. I fell back on my bed and groaned. Why does Ron hate me so much? I asked myself. Then, Mum's voiced boomed from the kitchen, "Dinner!" Ugh. I was really too excited and, at the same time, stressed, to eat. Just then my stomach growled. Guess not. I hopped out of bed, and proceeded downstairs.

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