Bambi 3: The Way of the Deer

Since I loved the first Bambi movie when i was 3, and Bambi 2 when i was 8, I thought to myself, "it can't end here, i want to see more!" but since its a pretty slim chance the guy who directed Bambi 2 would make a Bambi 3, i just wrote a story about it.


Chapter 1

The happy Family

The day was simply beautiful. Sunny. Not even a cloud on the sky. It wasn't too hot. A gentle wind blew. And this smell of fresh air. Yes, it had rained yesterday, so it was really nice. The weather was just perfect for taking a walk around the forest, to see if everything is fine.

Bambi enjoyed the magical atmosphere of his green kingdom. He loved the sight of wonderful high trees around him. He loved the sound of the birds and the torrent. He loved the smell of fresh air and flowers. He loved the feeling of soft grass underneath his feet. He just loved everything about his kingdom and his life.

"Dad! Dad, wait, I'm right behind you!"


A small male fawn tripped over and landed with his nose in the flowers. Bambi smiled softly. His son was so adorable. So much like he once was.

"Lato! Are you alright?" a female fawn about Lato's age asked, as she stood by her brother's side. Lila reminded of her mother, Faline. Showing a great wisdom at such an early age, she gave her parents reasons to be proud.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Hey, dad! Can we play after the walk? Can I go to the meadow? Or are we going to go there together?" Lato jumped happily around his father, leaping with joy. He too was a life lover, but expressing his love was what he loved even more. A one lucky boy.

"I'm afraid it's to dangerous to go to the meadow. But I think we can go to the glade." Bambi submitted.

The glade was the favorite place for young deer to play, and for adult deer to fight. It was located in the very heart of the forest, away from humans, which made it safe and sound.

"Wow! That's great! Hey, mom, you heard that? We are going to theee...!"


"Lato tripped again. In the same place." His mother, who has just appeared out of the bushes, helped him up.

"You should watch your step, Lato. Otherwise, you won't be able to finish the walk on your own." Faline warned her son with a smile. Her little prince. He was just too cute.

"Mom is right, Lato. On the ground, there are lots of things you can hurt yourself with: old branches, small rocks, hidden holes, flowers with thorns..."

Lila started the lecture. She was very smart and caring. Just the kind of sister a curious Lato needed. She would keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't run into trouble. And if he does, she would help him get outta them. Her sense of responsibility was very strong, but she still had the will to join childish games and simply have fun. Just a perfect child.

No wonder she felt responsible for her brother. After all, she was his older sister. A few minutes, but still older. This fact, however, made Bambi wonder. One of his children is going to take his place in the future. At first, he thought the throne would go to his son, the male heir. But would this be fair?

A female would make a good ruler too. Especially Lila, who already had everything she needed to become a good queen. Accept for experience. She was the firstborn. She deserved the title. But will she be able to protect the kingdom and her subjects? After all, she was a female. She was defenseless. Easy to be defeated. And the times were dangerous and unsure.

Bambi sighed. He will have to deal with this problem sooner or later. But right now, his children were little. And they won't grow up that fast. If they only could remain like this.

"Hey, everybody, let's go! The sooner we start, the more time we will have for fun! Come on!" Lato ignored his sisters teachings and ran forward.

His parents and sister followed with smiles on their faces. Lato was unstoppable, running eights around his parents' legs, while his sister did her best to walk just the way they did: with grace and dignity. Yes. She would make a good Great Princess.

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