Just With You (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Hey! First, I'd like to thank you for reading this. :) The beginning of this story is written kinda bad because I didn't have as much experience with writing, but it get's better, I swear! :) This is set before Justin's career.

There's a Just With You 2, so if you'd like to check it out here's the link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/fdT82wm/Just-With-You-2-A-Justin-Bieber-Love-Story

Read on, and I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 2

Justin Bieber

I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment. Before I could even get up, I felt warm firm hands grips my arms and pull me into a sitting position. I was expecting David, but I was shocked to see the boy. He was kneeling in front of me, still gripping my arms.

"Are you okay?" He asked. I was completely confused. I just met him a minute ago, and he looks concerned.

"Y-y-yeah. I'm so sorry, I can be such a klutz sometimes." I replied. The boy smiled, and stood up. He reached out his hand to me. Unsure, I accepted his hand, and he pulled me to my feet.

"My name's Justin." The boy said, smiling. Oh, and what a cute smile he had! I couldn't help but letting my own smile show.

"My name is Brookie. Yeah, I know. It's a retarded name."

"I don't think that. I think it's beautiful." Justin said. I looked down and saw he was still holding my hand. Uncomfortable, I slid my hand out of his grasp.

"So.. How's the house?" I asked, trying to change the awkwardness of what I did.

Justin laughed. No, scratch that. He HOLLERED with laughter. I felt stump. What could be so funny??

"It's doing great. There seems to be a million boxes to unpack, though. Then there's my mom who keeps pestering me to organize my room." He rolled his eyes, then kept on laughing. I couldn't help but laugh along too.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind and I shivered. I was wearing a really light jacket. Justin must've noticed it, because he shrugged off his thick jacket, and wrapped it on my shoulders. I was speechless. Not even Travis would do that.

"I can't take this." I objected, peeling off the jacket.

"No. Use it. I have dozens more." Justin put a hand on my shoulder to restrain the jacket from slipping. I just stood there, frozen.

'Well, I guess I'll just see you around." I finally spilled out.

"Yeah, I'll look forward to it." Justin grinned. I kept staring at him. "What?" He said.

"I have a boyfriend, you do know that, right?" I said after a minute of silence.

Justin's cheery and cocky expression was replaced by a look of sadness. "Yeah, I know." Then Justin walked away back to his house.

Aw, crap.

I couldn't help but feeling super guilty... I decided to say one more thing to make him feel better.

"Wait!" I called out. "What's your full name?"

Justin turned around. "Justin Bieber." He replied swiftly, then jumped (yeah, literally jumped!) onto his porch.

I took my time going up my driveway. My mind was just a blank page with a question mark. Justin seemed so sweet. And his smile and laughter and eyes and hair is to die for... But, what about Travis? We've been together for 3 years!

I shook my head. This is just weird to me cause I just met him. After a good night's sleep, it'll all be clear.

But, I couldn't help but be aware that something was nagging at my mind... What was it??

Even though I'm not sure of that, I'm sure of these things:

1. I'm really confused.
2. I really need some sleep.
3. I HAVE to find out more about that Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!


Hey guys! I hoped you liked this chapter. I know I did. ;)

Something I'd like to tell you guys is I'm really open to suggestions. So, if you have any ideas or suggestions or ways to make my writing better, just comment below! I'd really appreciate it. :)

Preview to next chapter: Brookie trying to find out more about Justin, while trying to juggle Travis at the same time.

Another thing, if you want me to message you when a new chapter comes out, just message me, and I'll gladly do that! :)

Until next time, guys!

(Don't forget to comment!) ;)

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