Soul Mate(Edward Cullen Love story)

Soul Mate(Edward Cullen Love story)

I'm Cammilla.Cammilla McReed.I recently moved to the small town of Forsk,Washington.I trade my life in Mystic Falls,Virginia to live in an ever rainy place.I'm not human,I've never been human.I'm a vampire/werewolf hybrid.Yeah Vamps and wolves hate each other but my parents didn't.They were killed on my 16th birthday,a year ago actually.I tuned into a hunter,tracking down vamps and wolves and killing them.Its what I do,but that changes when I meet the very vampire that becomes my soulmate

Chapter 1

New Town,New Life

Name:Cammilla McReed
Power:mental and physical shield(protecks from any power,except for sensing emotions and seeing the future)
Appearence:Wasit length honey brown hair,gray-gold eyes,slender,lithe,swift,5'6,age 17
Well here I was agin,A new town and a new bunch of humans to fool.I looked human...well some what.A pair of unusual gray gold eyes looked back at me as I checked my reflection before leaving my house.Dressed in my usual black jeans,black shirt and boots I looked like a shadow.The only color was my honey brown hair and the scarlet choker I wore.

I swung my leg over the seat of the bike and reved the engine and pulled on a helmet that covered my face before speeding down my street and heading to my first day at Forks High School.Several students stopped as I pulled into the parking lot.Indifferent to the stares I turned off my bike and pulled off my helmet,my waist lenght tumbling down as I grabbed my bag and walked past everyone.

So far nothing,I glanced around,scenting only humans.My stomach rumbled at the smell of blood but i I gritted my teeth and walked to class,forcing myself to ignore the heartbeats.I know from reading my schedual earlier I have Lit first.I hesitate,not knowinbg where to go,the cold look in my eyes softening with uncertainity,making me look more human.A cute blonde haired boy walks up to me,"Hi I'm mike,you must be Cammilla"he said."Umm yeah,I'm lost can you help me?"I asked.

He blinked seeming alittle dazed,I tend to forget I had that affect on humans,well mostly guys."Sure,whats ypour first class?""Lit"I replied."Really?Thats cool,i have the same class,"Mike grinned sweetly.Even if I wasn't looking for a boyfriend I had to admit he was cute.And nice.

Mike chatted nonstop as he showed me to class,I answered with a nod or a short answer,relaxing as I got more sure there wan't any vamps around,actually smiling or laughing.Mike talked to me until the teacher came in and began talking,regretfully Mike took his own seat.

A late student came in and the tell-tell sweet scent of a vampire had me snapping my head up,a dark look on my face.A low hiss sliding out from between my teeth.The boy,tall with pale skin,gold eyes and bronze hair took the empty seat next to me.He looked at me,appearently trying to figure out what i was.

I knew if he had any powers my shield would take care of them.He couldn't sense my mind or if his power was physical my shield could handle that too.I would deal with the blood sucker later,when no one was around.So with a smug look I looked up meeting his sharp gold eyes.I froze and my breathing stopped,Everything fell away until the only thing I couls see was Him.Neither one of us looked away,even though I knew we both wanted to.

I fianlly looked away,shaken.I never had let a vampire get to me like that.I shuddered and forced myself to take a deep breath,I didn't need air but it helped calm me.When class was over I bolted,leaving papers fluttering behind me.I leaned against my locker,trying to figure out what had happened,I wasn't my normal calm self,I had been shaken to my very core.Putting the insident behind me I melted in with the crowd of students and found my way to my next class

I thought I was safe,I was the last person to enter the class.I quickly scanned the room,thinking hell,when I saw the boy.He had the same expression on his face,Slowly walking to my desk in the back of the room I studied him,taking in his light skin,handsome face and his hands clenched into fist as they rested on his desk.

Keeping my face calm I sat at my desk,pretending to be interested in the teacher's speech on the biology of humans.He purpously questioned me,I answered every question swiftly and correctly until the teacher backed offI noticed several of the studenst were looking at me,most of them guys.I flashed a quick smile and looked down at my book,pleased with myself,I was handling my first day of school pretty well

At the end of class Mike and a few of his friends invited me to sit with them at lunchIaccepted and sat with them,not eating,human food didn't appeal to me,it smelled nasty and tasted horrible

"hey Mike"I said

"yeah Cam?"he said,I sighed amused at their nickname for me

"Who was that boy I sat next to in first period?"

"Cullen.Edward Cullen"

"Hmmmm"I muttered.A flicker of movement caught my eye and I glanced over.On the far side of the cafiteria Edward Cullen sat with four others,same pale skin and dark gold eyes.More Vampires.Great."Thats the rest of the Cullens.Dr.Cullen and his wife adopted them"Mike said,noticing me watching them,his voice alittle cold.He was jealous that I was paying attention to Edward.

I smiled at Mike,"Who are they?""The big one with dark haqir is Emett,the blonde girl nest to him is Roselie,the blonde male is Jasper,and the small girl is Alice"he answered quietly."They moved here from Alaska a few years ago,"Angela,one of the girls in my class,said.

"Interesting,"I said.The one called Alice looked at me,I held her gaze calmly,she looked away and I went back to listening to the others.Bored I got up to throw my food away,I passed by the Cullen's table.ignoring them i returned to my table and waited for the bell to ring.

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