He loves me? He loves me not..

He loves me? He loves me not..

Hey this is chapter 1 of my love story! :D
Hope you like!
Comments please thank you! <3

Chapter 1

Just a boy..

He looked up at me from the ground as I made my way to the screaming playground. I played it cool, chewing the dry piece of toast i had chomped down from this morning. He didn't say a word, he just kept walking. I turned around and stared at him. He just kept walking, with his back against me, totally blanking me. I sighed heavily and strolled into the playground. There was my best friend Poppy chatting to the huge group of girls by the benches. All loud mouth chatty girls with big personalities. I knew I didn't fit in with them. They stood there. Hands on hips and huge designer handbags. The irritating, alarming sound of the bell went. I frowned and then went through the big dooming doors. " Whats up, Heidi? " Asked Mr Lankinshire. " Nothing. " I said, rushing down the corridor. Everyone always buzzed rumours around that Mr Lankinshire was a pedo. I certainly believed it, he used to always put his hands on my shoulders and look at me with a creepy smirk on his face, thank goodness I didn't have him for I.C.T anymore. I caught Erik, my crush again in the corner of my eye. He was impossible to not spot from the crowd, with his surprising good looks, spikey brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. I only got to have a quick glance because he was with his friends, I blushed violently then hid my face from the crowd and dragged myself into math class.


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