A Cedric Diggory Love Story (Read Intro!)

i haven't seen any of these on quibblo! (most likely because he dies in the 4th book, and he's played by Robert Pattison) but still. just pretend that him and cho chang aren't dating m'kay? thanks! ^_^

oh, and also, if you don't want him to look like Robert Pattison (like me), just change it in your minds eye.

Chapter 1

improtant info!!!

okay, i usually do stories where i say 'insert your name' but for this one, i wanted to try something new. sorry to those who like it the other way! ):

Name: Amanda Collins

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 3

Looks: brown-ish, red-ish hair. (almost a red head), green/blue eyes, and I'll let you put in your own hieght so no one is disappointed.

Personality: Tomboy. she is careful to love people, and almost never wears girly stuff (skirts, dresses, etc.) unless she has to. She is kind to everyone, and always gets good grades.

other info: she is in the same year as Harry Ron and Hermione, and they are great friends. Cedric is in his 6th year (i think...)

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