Justin Bieber?? dude. no.  (girls only)(part 12)

Justin Bieber?? dude. no. (girls only)(part 12)

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~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

surf comps and board walks

i woke up at 5 in the morning. i was so pumped for today. i dont even care if i win or not. i was just glad to be surfing again. my mind kept flashing back to me hugging Justin yesterday. i think...i think i might actually be crushing on him? um. kinda weird thought but i didnt gag, instead i smiled. crap! im falling for him. dang it. i got up and showered and braided my hair. i put on all waterproof make up so i wouldnt look like a racoon after surfing. i updated my facebook and twitter. letting all my friends know i was surfing again and having an amazing time at the beach. i called my mom and dad knowing they would be up now, to let them know we were all safe and okay. i went for a quick walk down the beach. by the time i got back it was almost 12. i had been walking for 4 hours! i was starving. so i made spaghetti for everyone. it was almost 1 when everyone came down the stairs showered and ready. we ate quickly and then left for the comp. i was wearing the bikini that missy gave me for my birthday a month ago. ( suit : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_surf_comp/set?id=28800986) simple, but cute. i waxed my board and soon i was called to go with my age group. i paddled in the water and waited for the perfect wave. then it came. almost everyone had already gotten a wave back to shore but me and 2 other girls were going for ths wave. the only difference between me and these 2 girls? they wiped out but i did tricks and owned that wave. i awaited the scores to see if i would move up to the next bracket with the winners from the other brackets. i got to the very last bracket. it was me and another girl who was about 18. i was a little intimidated because she was older, and more talented. but when that wave came, she went for it but i waited. the wave behind it was bigger, and better. so i took it and did my best. as i walked back to Justin and Missy and Chris, they were smiling and the judges were talking. i put my board on the sand and grabbed the towel that Just was extending towards me. he was so sweet. i smiled and thanked him. the the judge grabbed the bull horn and stood up. "the winner is.....miss Paige!!" he said. i looked at Justin and Hugged him. i kissed his cheek and went to get my trophy. it was pretty big. i feel so good right now! i walked back to everyone. "sis i'm so proud of you!" missy said as she hugged me. "you did great paige. way to kick butt!" chris said and high fived me. "thanks. and justin thank you for signing me up. i couldnt have done it without you." i said and smiled. he smiled back "anytime, paige." he said. "so since you won wht do you want to do tonight?" missy asked. "well....i heard there was a boardwalk down the beach, and they have tons of rides and stuff. do you guys want to go and hang out there tonight?" i asked. everyone agreed, so we headed home to grab money and change. i showered and rebraided my hair. i put on ( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28801465) and we headed to the board walk. the sun was setting and Chris and Missy decided to go on the ferris wheel. Justin had some girls asking for pictures. "im going to walk on the beach" i said and walked away. i was walking back after about five minutes when i saw Justin walking towards me, fan free. before i would speak he grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me. best momemnet ever.


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