A Justin Bieber love story

This is my first story it's a Justin Bieber's love story where he's not famous. It's supposed to be about me and him but you can think of Ellie (Me) as you!

Chapter 1

Another move...

"Are we nearly there yet?" Ellie moaned after a good 3 hour drive.
"No but it shouldn't be long." Ellie's Mother Kaitlyn said flicking her goldon locks back. Ellie took a huge sigh and slumped into her seat in the yellow porche. Ellie was moving house AGAIN! Every year her Mum would pack up Ellie's bags and ship them both off to a new house. This year they were moving to Atlanta, georgia and were both determined to stay there. Ellie was getting fed up of forever moving. Going to a new school ,making new friends, getting nicer boyfriends and then losing it all the following year. Beep beep "Omigosh It's Sarah!" Ellie shrieked. Sarah was her best friend from Olde Hall (the school she came to last.) "Which one? Sarah Hayes, Sarah Benny or Sarah Thorne?" Her Mum asked giggling at her inside joke.
"Ha ha" Ellie laughed sarcastically, "It's Sarah Hayes." She replied twidling her thumbs on the screen of her LG cookie.
"What does she want?" Her Mum said.
"She's got a new boyfriend and she says she's gonna miss me loads"
"Again? She has a new boyfriend every week!"
"No Mum that was Sarah Thorne who got a lot of the guys, Sarah Hayes is the shy one who is always dying her hair." Ellie corrected her.
"Oh yeah, well you've had so many friends I get mixed up at times!" Her Mum said with a chuckle. Ellie ignored her Mum and dangled her arm out the car window as she looked at the view.

Kaitlyn pulled the car out onto a long gravel drive. "We're here sweetie." Kaitlyn said smoothly.
"At last." Ellie said as she quickly hopped out the porche with her suitcase firmly clutched. Suddenly out of no where a boy who looked about the same age as Ellie, came zooming past on a skateboard knocking Ellie over. "I'm so sorry let me help you up." the boy apologized lifting Ellie to her feet.
"You should watch where you're going in future." Ellie said dusting her knees. The boy smiled. " Yeah I know, Let me introduce myself I'm Justin Bieber." He said shaking hands with Ellie.
"And you are?" He asked.
"I'm Ellie Dunks." Ellie said smiling up at him.
"Nice name." They both said at the same time to eachother.
"Ok you say it first." They both said.
"No you!" They both said at the same time again. The both got into a fit of giggles over their cute joke.
"So have you just moved here?" Justin asked.
"Yeah that's my new house there." Ellie replied pointing to a fairly big white house.
"Nice, my house is that other white house next door." Justin said pointing to what looked like a mantsion.
"Wow! That is huge, it's like a mansion!" Ellie said amazed in her daydream. After a fairly long pause a voice was shouting Justin next door.
"Well that's my Mom calling me so I've gotta go. Before I go though what school are going to?" Justin asked.
"Tea leaf High School." Ellie replied flicking her long streaked hair back.
"That's the same school as me!" Justin said his eyes lighting up with amazment.
"What year?" Justin asked with his fingers crossed behind his back.
"first year of sixth form." Ellie said.
"Same here! Hey what do you say I call for you about 8ish tomorrow and we can walk up to school together?" Justin asked politely.
"Yeah sure." Ellie said smiling at him.
"Cool, well I gotta go now because my Mom's shouting me so I guess I'll see you around." Justin said waving behind him as he ran inside.
"See you around." Ellie said with a sigh after he'd gone. Ellie picked her suitcase up and rolled it into the house.
"What was all that about?" Kaitlyn asked in concern.
"I've made a new friend.... I think..." Ellie replied in a dazed expression.
"Are you sure? I mean you two were really connected are you sure you two aren't dating?" Her Mum asked.
"No! You can have a friend that's a boy you know Mom!" Ellie shouted.
"It's Mum when you're english with a U not an O." Kaitlyn shouted as Ellie ran up the stairs.Ellie ignored her Mum and unpacked her stuff. She couldn't wait till tomorrow. Maybe her Mum was right, maybe they should date....

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