Darkness and Light. (You might want to read the intro)

The two sides of angels, good and dark have been secretly fighting, sometimes even living among us. There are two point of views in this!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Blair's POV
I landed on a fluffy white cloud, the bright, warm sun shining on my pale face. "Ew." I said. Everything seemed so...what's the word? Good. But, I didn't care. I just had to lay low here and spy on them. Just for a little. I hid my wings under my black, leather jacket. My dark brown hair was tied back into a messy pony tail and my thick eyeliner stood out as probably the darkest thing here. I saw good angel walking around the little clouds like some sort of lost puppies. They were all too innocent weren't they? Well, nothing suspicious going on here! I thought. I folded out my black wings and almost on cue, all the angels of good's heads turned to see me. "INTRUDER!" Called out an attractive, male good angel. "Hasta la vista!" I called out, jumping off the cloud, flying away. I flew off lower and lower. I quickly spotted the portal to The World of Dark.
The portal threw me back and forth millions of minuscule things going this way and that were spiraling, trying to find a place to go. After a final push I was able to find my way back to The World of dark, not realizing what was behind me. Home sweet home! The old, rocky ground, the sinister looking, everlasting night sky. "Hello." I heard from behind me. A good angel with long, wavy blonde hair, and a pure white dress stood behind me. "Who are you?" I asked. "Evangeline. Angie for short." The angel responds from behind me. This 'Angie' girl didn't seem like a threat. "How'd you get here?" I asked. "I fell. I was flying to grab you, but my wings like, twitched or something and I fell in." Evangeline explained. "Uh huh...I'm Blair." I said. My wolfhound, Sam trotted up behind me. "Hi Sammie!" I greeted him stroking his soft, black fur. "Aw! Your puppy is so cute!" Angie exclaimed, starting to pet him. "He's a wolfhound." I corrected her. "Oh! He's cute anyway!" Angie said, scratching Sam behind his ear. I didn't think the good angel should stay here this long. I opened a portal for her to the clouds. "Go." I commanded. She nodded, and flew back through the portal whispering something like, "You could be good."

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